Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Holy rusted metal, Batman!

I just uploaded the website, so it is now live! I slaved on that darn thing for hours on end for close to four days... and then when I finally thought I was done, I remembered to check how it looks on Internet Explorer, and more than half the pages had jarring errors!

I spent the next half an hour tweaking the code to try figure out what was wrong, and it turns out that the problem was threefold: I had computed two column widths incorrectly and forgotten a quotation mark all over the place. Apparently, Firefox was gentle enough to overlook these problems and do what I meant, not what I typed. After fixing just about every page, I was finally done.

Just to note though, there are still some differences between Firefox and Internet Explorer. Since I fixed most of the bugs, the site looks almost identical in both... but IE leaves out some blank space where Firefox puts it in. And since I use Firefox (as do many of the people I know), I always opted to leave the HTML so that it looks better in Firefox. If you use only IE, don't worry about it... you won't really notice anything wrong. But if you use both, I would recommend using Firefox when you visit my site. Just a thought!

1 comment:

sandlot said...

Hello Andy,

I have come from the future to tell you a few things about your blog.

1) Your blog will still remain witty and awesome

2) Your blogging output will decrease by half in two-years time.

3) You'll meet the most awesome person through your blog.

4) People will start to switch over to Chrome.

I guess since I'm the first and only one to comment on your first post, this would technically make me the first person to leave a comment on your blog.

Yes, I like this thought-sequence.