Monday, October 20, 2008

A day of awkward

Today was a really weird feeling day for me. Perhaps it started while driving to the subway station in the pitch black of a morning that felt like night. Perhaps it started when I got lost during my anatomy lecture, and after pushing my brain to remember what I had missed, I found myself only farther behind and with a scrambled feeling that stayed with me throughout the whole day.

You know that feeling that you get when you say something really stupid and embarrassing? It's that weird buzzing at the back of your head as your face turns red. Sometimes it's accompanied by a desire to make some kind of reflex excuse, like "I'm tired..." You want to bury your head in the sand and pretend you're not there. I had that feeling today, except with no particular reason. I just had this feeling like something was wrong.

Hopefully it's just lack of sleep.

Funny story though... today in class I was doodling as usual during the break, and this time I was sketching a random lady in a short skirt. Yuffie walked by and grabbed the paper.

Yuffie: Yo stop drawing slutty girls!
[Shows it to a couple other people]
Yuffie: Isn't this skirt slutty?
Andy: Hey... you wear skirts that length!
Yuffie: Yeah, but that's for clubbing.
Yuffie: You're supposed to be a bit slutty for clubbing!!

All I could really do was roll my eyes. I'd like to note also that in a showing of male solidarity, my friend "J-Rock" agreed that my sketch was not that slutty (due to her relative lack of cleavage, I believe).

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sandlot said...

" my sketch was not that slutty (due to her relative lack of cleavage, I believe)."

Dude, slutty girls can have no cleavage. Just because you're stacked doesn't mean you put out. Tsk.