Thursday, October 23, 2008

Drawing conclusions

So sadly, I am still sick today. In fact, I think my sore throat was even worse this morning than it was yesterday. I drew the above sketch in my ethics seminar. It is a testament to how dependant I was on hot drinks today - I drank two green teas (one from Timmy's and one from Starbucks) and one honey-lemon tea (in which I could barely taste the honey). They provided some much needed relief to my aching throat.

I have found myself doodling a lot these days before or between classes, sometimes during classes that don't require my full attention (generally the ones that a lot of people skip). I decided to scan a few of these in, in case you guys were interested.

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In the first drawing, I tried to incorporate some nice clothing texture effects. She kind of reminds me of Princess Leia in Cloud City. The second sketch was of a professor who gave one of our Community Health lectures. There was general agreement that he really looked like that. The third and fourth drawings are products of my riveting ethics seminars. The last drawing actually started out as an attempt to draw Mello (I have gradually been sketching each of my friends), but soon after starting the face I had already decided that it was a failure in this regard and took it in a completely different direction.

So today during my Ethics class, the professor put up a picture of the FedEx logo. Then, with some primitive PowerPoint animations, he drew our attention to the arrow that is formed between the "E" and the "X" (which I had never noticed before). He then reverted to the original image and told us not to see the arrow. Of course, he noted, this was impossible. It's just not the way we're wired. We naturally draw conclusions from our experiences and memories. He was making a point about mindsets, but it made me think of an event that occurred earlier today.

During lunch, a bunch of us were sitting around with J-Rock. He had read a particular blog entry of mine and had made a particularly inappropriate interpretation on how I had phrased something. Nobody else had thought of it this way, but once it was said, we all got it. Similar to the FedEx logo, what was revealed could not be unrevealed. The moral of the story? Umm... I think it's that J-Rock is dirty.

While we were still on the topic of my blog, the issue of the pseudonyms I use for my friends came up, as my friends tried to figure out who was who. One of them asked why I had given Mello a guy's name. This line of conversation led to the following entertaining exchange with Yuffie:

Andy: You like the name Mello don't you, though?
Mello: I do... Maybe I will name one of my kids Mello.
Yuffie: Don't do it! You will be one of those Chinese parents...
Yuffie: Who give their kids ridiculous names, like Candy!

Perhaps this is not the best time to discuss my plans to name my first-born son Cha Siu Baau...

On my way back from classes, I heard some kind of commotion coming out of Finch subway station. It was that grating sound of a dozen little children screaming and yelling all at once. However, my feelings quickly turned to those of delight as I realized that these children were in fact Girl Guides selling Girl Guide Cookies. If you have never tried Girl Guide cookies, then you probably don't know that they are in fact the best cookies ever. I had a lab tech who helped his friend sell these cookies all year, and he himself must have consumed boxes of boxes. As for me, I was elated to pick up a box on the way home.

I think I'll save them to reward myself when I'm not sick anymore, though.


Alexis said...

...and your second child would be named Tidus? :D

Anonymous said...

hmm the girl leaning against the timmy drink, arms failing out in an inviting manner, seemingly want to embrace the reader... do you need a hug?

a_ndy said...

Haha... there are no arms falling out in an inviting manner. Her fingers are pressed against the floor.