Sunday, October 5, 2008

An extraordinary species of shame

A tightness gripped my throat as I read it, and I could feel a tear trying to crawl its way through my eye to the outside - telephone wires, cable lines, vehicle brakes cut; houses vandalized - all over political affiliation. Normal people, who happened to be Liberal supporters, with families and children; their lives endangered by runaway cars - an unexpected loss of control. I felt like I was being transported back to the dark ages, or to some barbaric pseudo-democracy, where threats and violence were legitimate means of political persuasion.

It hit close to home. Middle class families being targeted by crime - not by random, not by bad luck... but maliciously. It reminded me that out there, beyond these four walls, there are people who are stupid, and violent, and remorseless. It breaks my heart that there are people that need to be like this - that there are people like this in my city, in this country that I love, all over the world. People like this, and worse than this. Sometimes we are so tragic.

Bitter bug strikes back!

On a slightly less serious, but still very disappointing note... I watched almost the entire series of Iryu Team Medical Dragon yesterday. You might be wondering where I got the time to do this from, and I can only say that I took it away from another activity that starts with an "S" and rhymes with "buddy".

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haha said...

andrew, i'm suprised by your ability to read broken, horrible french! but now i'm embarrased b/c let's face it, the french in my entry was pretty horrible O.O