Wednesday, October 8, 2008

From the mouths of future physicians

I know we all expect impressive things from medical students, considering the rigorous process they had to go through to get in. But here are some amusing anecdotes from conversations while I was waiting to write my Histology exam:
[Referring to a test out of 20] So... if you get 5 wrong, it's like 60%. Oh wait... 20. 75%. Good thing this isn't a math test.
Which students are writing in the other room? A to C? Oh okay, then why did they send me away...?

[After going to the other room and coming back] So it turns out that my last name starts with D.
The minds of your future doctors!

In all seriousness though, my classmates are very talented and intelligent.


Alexis said...

Only one thought is in my mind as I read this: how did you manage to write this at 10 AM Wednesday? I'm confused. :S

a_ndy said...

Well my exam was at 8 AM, and it was only 30 minutes for Histology. They were running groups until 10-something I think, then there was time to study until 1 PM, so I went home and slept a bit, then went back.

janice said...

hehe, love the histology comments...