Saturday, October 25, 2008

Heroes of Fan Expo

I was recently distracted from my frantic Embryology study by my friend who was gushing about the promo for Heroes Season 3, Episode 7 (which will air Monday). Intrigued, I went in search of the said promo.

My first stop was the website for NBC, the network which carries the show in the United States. They did in fact have the promo, but were lame enough to block Canadian viewers from accessing it. I subsequently went to the Global website, which is the network which carries the show in Canada. I couldn't find the promo there at all, but what I did find was an even more interesting video.

Earlier this year, my friend Sydney and I went to the 2008 Fan Expo convention. At that convention, Global had set up a booth where you could stand in front of a camera and tell them what kind of superpower you would want to have if you were a hero. Syd and I passed on that, but plenty of people did not. Now a few of those people are featured on the Global website.

One of those featured people was a particularly noticeable attendee of the convention, dressed up as Marvel Comics' Namor the Submariner. Virtually every guest star at the convention picked him out of the crowd. Kate Mulgrew paused her Q&A session to point out, "Wait a minute, that man is naked!" and then paused for another minute to take it all in. Michael Rosenbaum constantly teased Namor by calling him "Naked Spock."

I had actually met this guy, because he happened to be a friend of someone I had met in one of Fan Expo's innumerable line-ups. He was a pretty nice fellow, but I have to admit, he wasn't the most pleasant smelling. In fact, I sat beside him during one of the Q&A sessions, and I rather wish I hadn't.

In any case, when I saw him in a video on the website of a major television network, my first reaction was, "Hey, it's that guy!" followed by, "Hey, I met that guy!"

Oh, and in the end, I did end up finding that preview... on good ol' YouTube.

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sandlot said...

Hello Andy,

This is Sandlot speaking to you from the future and the bearer of bad news. I regret to inform you that Heroes has been cancelled.

You may weep on my shoulders now.