Monday, October 13, 2008

How far would you go for a sandwich?

Today the last of my siblings left Toronto after the Thanksgiving weekend. My mom drove my sister and brother-in-law to Finch station so that they could take the subway to Union and catch their train from there. However, a few minutes after they had been dropped off, my mom realized that they had forgotten to take the sandwiches that they had packed for the train.

Since cell phones don't work in the subway station (a major flaw of the Toronto transit system), her attempts to call them were rebuffed. Not to be discouraged, she parked her car at the passenger pickup (which you're not supposed to do) and went down into the station after them with their bag of sandwiches.

However, it seemed that they had already passed the turnstiles and gone through to the station proper. My mom, being the silly woman she is, asked the collector whether she could just go in and find them... to which the collector replied, "No." Ever persevering, my mom bought some tokens and dropped one into the fare collection cup - just as she heard what she thought was the subway leaving.

As luck would have it, she was mistaken, and found my sister and brother-in-law sitting on a bench down at the subway platform. She received some incredulous looks from them, which she replied to by handing them their sandwiches.

After the whole debacle, my mom went back up to the collector and asked her, "Um... could I have my token back?" The collector, amazingly, agreed (although she said that my mom should have called my sister and brother-in-law back up... but as we already mentioned, this is impossible). So that was that - an awful lot of trouble for some sandwiches. What can I say - my mom is committed.

Tomorrow's Federal Election

Don't forget that tomorrow is the Federal Election. Take advantage of your civic privileges and cast a ballot! If you don't have your voter registration card, you can still register at the polls. Full details about the requirements to vote can be found on the Elections Canada website or by calling 1-800-463-6868.

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sandlot said...

Wow. Your mom is a supermom. If I were in that predicament, I would have just eaten your sandwich.