Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I love toys

Today, Mello and I had our second Community Health field visit. It was a lot of fun actually, meeting some patients and learning their stories, though some were very sad stories. And unlike our previous preceptor, this lady was really on the ball and made our experience very positive from the outset.

We were told to meet our preceptor at the entrance to Zellers for a particular mall at 1:45 PM. Being the good students that we are, we budgeted more than enough time to travel (in order to avoid being late). We arrived around 1:20 PM. With a bit of time to kill, we ended up looking around Zellers for 20 minutes or so... which was surprisingly insightful.

The first thing I learned was that Mello is easily amused. She had enthusiastic exclamations towards everything from candy jars, to cake pans, to toaster ovens, to mirrors (and one could also gauge her enthusiasm by how she reached out her hand to touch everything). "Ooh popcorn!" Mind you, I'm not putting down her enthusiasm - I think it is an excellent trait - I was just itching to get to some of the more interesting sections of the store.

We breezed through the electronics section, which I had expected to be more entertaining. I guess with little time to play video games anymore, and advance knowledge of all the good ones before they come out, I just don't get the same kick out of browsing anymore. I did pause when I got to the music section though. You know those pop music mix albums titled Now!#? I have Now!3, Now!4, and Now!5. They release one a year, and now they are on Now!13. This is the first time in my life I have felt old.

Now when we had first walked into the store, I had commented to Mello that I hadn't been inside a Zellers in years. In fact, when I walk into Zellers it instantly brings back memories of my childhood (since they still look exactly the same in that cheaper version of Wal-Mart type way). As a child, faced with a store like Zellers, I would always make a beeline straight for the Toys aisle. So it was much to my delight, many years later, to explore this section again.

What did I find? Well first of all, I found that toys don't suck anymore. There was a period of time after I stopped buying toys where they really started to suck. I blame video games and the fact that kids don't play with proper toys anymore. But walking through this toy aisle I found all the things that I really liked when I was a kid again: impressive looking action figures (my ultimate vice as a child), Nerf guns, action figures... action figures... Yeah well I guess what I really mean is that the action figures and Nerf guns have officially shaken off their slump and do not suck again. (As a sidenote, Evey and I walked through a Toys'r'us a few months ago looking for a present for her little sister, and found that Lego has also shaken off its slump and stopped sucking. Good job, toy makers.)

While I was browsing these action figures, I mentioned toys' renewed coolness to Mello and said, "When I have kids, I hope they have toys like these." Of course, what I meant is that I hope toys can remain cool like this until I have kids. But Mello, cleverly detecting the hole in my language replied, "Um... well all you'll really have to do is buy them for them." Then, after I had explained what I meant and agreed that I would indeed buy these kinds of toys for my future progeny, Mello quipped, "And for yourself." I had no witty comeback for that. She's right. She's completely right. Don't tell anyone.

Secondly, I really want the new edition of Risk. For those of you who have never played it, Risk is the ultimate game of world domination, and it produces hours upon hours of fun. My particular copy of Risk was borrowed indefinitely from my next door neighbour many years ago. It is old, uncool, and technically not owned by me. This version of Risk, by the looks of it has been updated with plenty of pretty new pieces and rules, which made me really want it. However, because they do keep updating the stupid thing, the price never drops below $35. As things go, I've always felt that $35 for a board game was pretty steep.

One final amazing toy I found were these Galactic Heroes figures from Star Wars. They were little shrunken Star Wars characters who were made all round and cute looking (kind of like Japanese chibi, but American style). I ooh-ed and aah-ed over these for a good few minutes, which led Mello to remark that I also am easily amused. But in my defense, I love Star Wars and always have, so my being uncontrollably amused by these figures is not evidence of my being amused by everything-in-the-store, but rather by my own focussed interests. And just because I share interests with six year olds doesn't make me easily amused either...

Something that I think both Mello and I learned today (other than about patients) is not to underestimate Zellers. It's cooler than you'd think.

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we should all get together and play monopoly or risk or some similar board games some day... risk is fun.... secret alliances... betrayals... yum yum