Wednesday, October 29, 2008

September bites back

I finally remembered to take my September MetroPass out of my wallet! Let me explain why this is important. You see, I stash my MetroPass in a pocket of my wallet behind a whole bunch of cards. It is always the last card, so I slide it out easily, and slide it back in easily. Last week, there were not one, but two occassions where I had accidentally pushed my October MetroPass back into my wallet in the middle of my stack of cards instead of at the back, leading me to pull out the next card (my September MetroPass). This of course led to some confusion as I tried to cross through the turnstile, which, much to my chagrin, would not let me through. Frustration only mounted further as I swiped a few more times, much to the annoyance of the ever growing line behind me...

Well despite all that, I still forgot to take my September MetroPass out of my wallet. It was today's third incident that truly made it unforgettable. Usually in the morning, the TTC open up a locked door at Finch and have an attendant sit by it with a dropbox so that people can more efficiently stream into the station during rush hour. Despite this, there is usually quite a line up to get in. Beside the attendant is an Automatic Entrance that only takes tokens and MetroPasses. Opting to pass around the line, I went for the Automatic Entrance, swiped my card, walked in and... KAPOW! Face to glass. Yes, I'm sure people aplenty must have seen that one. I gingerly pulled out the stack of cards from my wallet, pulled out the October MetroPass, and slid through again, this time without damaging my face.

So yes, I finally removed that pesky September MetroPass from my wallet today. But go figure, November starts in 3 days.


Today Mello and I finished our final Community Health visit to individual patients. We will present on it next week and then begin our second block of visits, which is to community schools. After finishing up our interview, we decided to go grab a snack together with Mello's boyfriend, "Lucky", who met up with us in the area.

We picked a restaruant called "Keung's Delight" near the T&T SuperMarket at Warden and Steeles. It was in time to catch their "High-Tea Special" running from 3 to 5:30. I was infinitely amused by their menu. Take a look:

[#1] "Pig blood jello with vegetable". I'm sure this is a legitimate dish... but seriously, it sounds really bad in English. Although I guess with my semi-Westernized sensibilities, it may not sound much better in Chinese.

[#2] "Tasty Jello Fish". I wonder if it's made with the pig blood jello? Obviously, they meant jellyfish. I love jellyfish. However, when I declared this, Mello assured me that they did not in fact mean jellyfish. Since Lucky and Mello can read Chinese, and I cannot, I deferred to their judgement - even though Mello did not know that jellyfish are not actual fish. But when I went home, I passed this photo by my parents, and blurry as it is they were one-hundred pecent clear: this is jellyfish. I love jellyfish. And love knows.

[#3] "Pig' stomached in special style". Stomaching is a brand new cooking technique for a whole variety of animals whose names end in apostrophes. It's a very hype culinary delight.

This is what we actually ended up ordering. Lucky assured me that I would be "fascinated." Fascinated, to me, means blogworthy... so I couldn't pass up the opportunity. It looks like fried tofu, but in fact it is deep fried milk with sugar. How do you deep fry milk? I'm not entirely sure... Lucky said it involved adding gelatin to milk and then freezing the combination. I think adding gelatin sounds an awful lot like cheating (and false advertising). I mean, we don't call Jell-O "deep fried food colouring", do we? In any case, it was plenty tasty, which was enough to appease my criticisms.


Final thoughts

For those of you who might have missed it, the title to yesterday's post was a reference to the 1968 science fiction novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" by Philip K. Dick. I've never read it, but I was always fascinated by the title.

Secondly, I've noticed an increase in the number of people posting comments anonymously. While I'm thrilled to get any comments (anonymous or not), it would be even more awesome if you could fill in a name. You don't need an account and can fill in any name that you like. Fascinated by this, my friend who had previously posted a comment as "haha" exclaimed, "But then you could use a different name every time!" "Yes, that's correct," I replied.

"So you could use like 'ha ha' one time... and then next time you could be like... 'ha ha HA'"

Well yes, you could... if that's really what you want.


hahaha... said...


and sorry about the jellyfish....i guess i don't know what it really is!

Anonymous said...

when people post comments anonymously, don't you get so excited because everyone of them may be a different person? so in other words, u may be getting a lotttt of traffic to your site, not just some 1 guy who faithfully refresh his browser every 5min awaiting for your daily entry

yours sincerely,

mr. anonymous