Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Spent a shotgun shell. I woke up today deadly tired and with a sore throat. Sleep debt is starting to creep up on me again, and I guess illness is me paying it down with interest. I got home a bit early today, thankfully, at 5 PM. I immediately hit the sack and didn't get up until 10 PM. I was reluctant even to do so, but I needed to shower, eat dinner, and prepare a few things for class tomorrow. My head is still throbbing a little, my throat is still a wee bit sore, and my eyes feel a bit dry and bulgy (exophthalmos?). Hopefully, I've given my body enough rest early enough that I can make an expedient recovery. I'm actually quite impressed that it took me this long to get sick seeing how people around me have been getting ill on-and-off for the last month and given my often weak immune system and lack of sleep.

Today the top button fell off my leather jacket, which is rather upsetting. I have no idea where the button went either. The jacket is something I got around Grade 10, but always seemed a bit big despite it being the smallest size. I rediscovered it this year and have been wearing it nonstop for the last couple weeks to tide me over between warm and cold weather. In keeping with Murphy's Law, it is logistically impossible for me to mend the jacket this week.

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sandlot said...

This post sounds familiar.

"Today the top button fell off my leather jacket, which is rather upsetting."

It's upsetting that the rest of the jacket didn't fall off.. from your body!


I'm kidding. I love you regardless of what you wear... if anything at all.