Thursday, October 30, 2008

This is your TTC operator speaking...

"We will begin moving again momentarily. I just need to scratch myself.......... okay!

No I'm just kidding - there is a train in front of us that needs some work so there is a bit of a backlog. We'll be moving along again now. Thank you, and have a nice evening."

True story.


The Sound of Laughter

A friend of mine was lamenting that they had been teased about the way they laugh. Apparently, the said friend was told that when they laugh they actually say "ha ha ha."

Now I have heard this person laugh, and I can see where this observation is coming from. However, their laughter is no less normal than that of any other person. The reason we write out laughter as "ha ha ha" or "hee hee hee" is because these are approximations of the sound that most people make when they laugh.

It's true! In fact, I paid special attention to the laughter of random strangers today, and all of them made a distinguishable "hah hah", "heh heh", or "huh huh" sound (depending on the natural pitch of their voice).

So does my friend make a "ha ha ha" sound when they laugh? Yes. Is that normal? I think so.


Anonymous said...

wow such a short blog entry

a_ndy said...

I prefer to call it "efficient", myself...