Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bella a capella

I spent today hanging out with my siblings, who are back in town for the weekend. We spent much of the afternoon shopping for Christmas gifts for extended family. I had actually hoped that I could convince them to go with me to see a concert by Onoscatopoeia, the Hart House Jazz Choir. I had seen them perform at Earthtones last weekend, and I had been completely blown away. They sing all their music a capella, with various members acting as "vocal percussion" and otherwise replacing the role of instruments. We missed the concert to meet up with my Dad for dinner, but we did manage to swing by for the end of the event. I picked up "The Eh List", Onoscatopoeia's second and latest CD recording. I've uploaded the first track, Gordon Lightfoot's "If you could read my mind", for your listening pleasure.

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Later in the evening, I was pondering aloud whether Onoscatopoeia was a real word. My sister immediately refuted this idea. "Scat", she explained, is a type of jazz improvisation where nonsense syllables are used to sound like a musical instrument. "Onomatopoeia" are words that imitate the sound they are describing (e.g. "oink" not only describes but is supposed to approximate the sound that a pig makes). Onoscatopoeia, the group's name, is a play on these two words. Nifty.

[Edit: While I've only heard the word "onomatopoeia" two or three times in my life (and immediately forgot what it meant), it appeared today (just hours after I posted this entry) in Gamespot's review for Valkyria Chronicles on PS3. Uncanny!]

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sandlot said...

ah the music link doesn't work anymore! shame. I'd go to this concert with you. Well, I'd go anywhere with you.