Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Citizens unite!

Barrack Obama has won the American election. University of Toronto Medicine is holding a referendum to change the Honours/Pass/Fail system to one of Credit/No Credit. Action at the level of the little people can make a big difference! Certainly, that must be what the protesters pictured above must believe - they're marching against student fees or some such thing.

Mello and I ran into these guys on our way to catch the shuttle to the hospital today. I subsequently fell asleep on that same shuttle. I woke up near the hospital to my phone vibrating in my pocket.

Mello: Oh wow, you woke up! You're a light sleeper.
Andy: (Groggily) Did you call me?
Mello: Yeah, I was trying to wake you up, but I didn't think you would.
Andy: (Phone still vibrating) No no, did you call me call me?
Mello: Huh? I was calling your name.
Andy: Oh. (Pulls phone out of pocket and picks it up)

It was actually one of my other friends letting me know that they wouldn't be joining me to study in the lab this afternoon. Of course, Mello was completely unaware that my phone was ringing and thought that she had woken me up, which led to some confusion through this odd coincidence.

At the hospital, Mello and I got to present the results of our Community Health field visits. We had sunk quite a number of hours into preparing, so we were elated with the evaluation by our tutors, who were extremely nice to us. One tutor had written one of our textbooks, making him just a little bit famous; we were particularly pleased to receive approval from him.

After that, we headed back to school. We ran into some leftovers from the protesters earlier in the day... though I'm still not entirely sure what they were protesting. I tried to read the sign, but refrained from pulling it out of the trash, especially since it looked almost as if someone had subsequently puked on it.

We sunk another three or so hours into studying the anatomy of the Head & Neck for our exam on Monday. Just thinking about that exam sends shivers down my spine. I was so tired that on the way back home that I was still asleep at the last stop, though an elderly man who was also riding the subway was kind enough to wake me up. All I can say is that it is fortunate that I live at the end of the line... otherwise, I could end up really far away before someone bothered to wake me.


So it turns out that Andy "the Norton fairy" Payne does indeed secretly stalk the Internet in hopes of solving the Norton SafeWeb problems of we lay-people. He does so using a nifty little gem called Google Alerts. As of today, has been re-evaluated as safe - taking a mere day for my concerns to be addressed. Needless today I am both thankful and impressed.

This also means that it will once again be painless to upload music!

Like I said, action at the level of the little people can make a difference... Although, I guess on my part there was not much action taken.

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