Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Insert foot in mouth

Above: A doodle of a stylized bird I drew on my PowerPoint slide notes during my Community Health large group session today.


It's Yuffie's fault.

But wait, let's back up a moment and start from the beginning of what could easily have been my most embarrassing moment this year... Yuffie and I were in the same group for our respiratory physical exam seminar today. Our group, for some reason, finished half an hour early and ahead of most other groups. We headed upstairs and parked ourselves in the lounge to eat lunch.

Because it was so early, we were the only two people in the lounge except for one other girl who was using the computer. I made a beeline straight for the microwave, but Yuffie went and sat down beside the girl, identifying her as our mutal friend Rociel (another lady named after an effeminate anime male?). "Hey Rociel," she greeted.

Rociel had recently started a Facebook thread asking if anyone was interested in watching the new James Bond on Monday. Thus, as I was waiting for my food to warm up, I turned towards Rociel. At this moment my brain was registering a vaguely discomforting feeling, which I chose to ignore as the words spilled out of my mouth, "So, are you going to see James Bond on Monday?" Rociel looked up at me, and the buzzing in my mind got more frenetic (Was Rociel wearing that today? Rociel looks a bit different today...). Yet the combination of sleep deprivation and tunnel vision from Yuffie's greeting had disallowed my acceptance of the truth. As Rociel and I locked eyes, my brain was busy asking itself the wrong question: How come I don't recognize this person as Rociel?

The response came smooth and naturally, with not a shred of awkwardness, and with all the congeniality in tone of a stranger responding to the friendly overtures of another stranger, "No, why, is there a movie night or something?"

Smack! This person is not Rociel, my brain screamed. "Oh. No. Nevermind..." I replied delicately and quickly made an about-face to stare at my food with as much intensity as I could muster. Inside, I wished that I could somehow stick my head in the dirt and bury it several feet underground.

I took my food and sat down beside Yuffie, facing phony-Rociel's back.

"Didn't you say, 'Hey Rociel' when you came in?" I asked.
"Yeah... Rociel is right there," Yuffie replied innocently.
"That's not Rociel..." I whispered.
"Oh really!?"

We whispered for a few minutes more about how awkward the situation had suddenly become (sitting in the lounge alone with phony-Rociel). Phony-Rociel, also feeling the chill, picked up and left several minutes later... leaving me feeling a bit guilty and extremely red.


Anonymous said...

wtffffffffff asian can't recognize another asian........... SAD :(

Anonymous said...

lol, very interesting story
do I look like the "phony-Rociel"? =D