Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lessons in Cookery - I

Fellow students often comment on my lovely looking lunches, to which I can only reply earnestly: "I didn't make it." Indeed, one of the benefits of living at home (and having lived in residence for my four years of undergrad) is that I don't have to cook. This is beneficial because... well... I can't really.

However, my Mom is going to be heading down to the States for two weeks to visit my aunt, who is unfortunately grappling with serious illness, leaving my Dad and me to fend for ourselves. This seemed like as good a time as any to pick up the spatula and make something of my life.

For those who have been standing by in silent admiration of my Mom's cooking, let's learn this one together. Today's lesson is what I have from childhood known affectionately as "the corn stuff."


How to make the Corn Stuff and look good doing it

What you need:
Cooking the veggies:
  1. Rinse and tear the Chinese vegetable
  2. Slice mushrooms into thin slices
  3. Apply oil to wok and heat (~1 minute)
  4. Put mushrooms into wok and stir until cooked
  5. Put mushrooms aside
  6. Re-apply oil to wok
  7. Put Chinese vegetable into wok and stir until cooked
  8. When approaching readiness, add a pinch of salt
  9. Add 1/2 a teaspoon of sugar
  10. Put mushrooms back into wok with vegetables and stir
  11. Serve and eat
If you washed the wok before cooking, remember to dry it off completely before adding oil. If you don't, the oil might splash out at you, giving you a nasty burn. The vegetables, however, should be a little bit damp when cooking. If they seem to be crackling too much, add a little bit of water. Turning down the heat while cooking can also help.

Cooking the main dish:
  1. Defrost the ground pork
  2. Add two pinches of salt and mix into pork with a fork
  3. Apply oil to wok and heat (~1 minute)
  4. Put ground pork into wok and cook
  5. Beat the pork to break it into smaller pieces while stirring
  6. Continue until pork is fully cooked
  7. Open a can of Green Giant Cream Style Sweet Corn
  8. Apply on top of pork and stir
  9. Add half a can of water (to flush out remaining corn)
  10. When mixture begins boiling, add a pinch of salt
  11. Test the sweetness of the sauce with a spoon
  12. If not sweet enough, add a pinch of sugar
  13. Put 3 teaspoons of cornstarch in a bowl
  14. Add water to the cornstarch, and mix together
  15. Add the cornstarch to the wok
  16. Quickly stir as the sauce thickens
  17. Continue until fully cooked
  18. Serve and eat with rice
Now we can enjoy the satisfaction from eating something that I made tonight that didn't come out of a microwave and didn't have the word "instant" in the title. Hurrah!


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