Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let's make sleep poverty history, together!

Above: "Nobody" by the Wonder Girls, which was recently sung with pizzazz at karaoke by my friend "Yubin."


Even though there have been no exams for most of the last two weeks, that hasn't stopped my sleep debt from accumulating. Habits of procrastination and late nights combined with the necessity of early morning commutes have shortened my nightly repose to 5, sometimes 4 hours.

Tuesday morning, I rolled into class in an even more lethargic state than usual. I had stayed up pretty late after watching James Bond, Heroes, and My Own Worst Enemy. While I was collapsed on the table waiting for lecture to begin, dark circles beaming out a black aura, Yubin stopped to hover over me.

"I'm going downstairs to get coffee. Do you want any?"

"No thanks," I replied. This is my prototypical answer - I don't believe in drug dependence or giving myself ulcers, and am generally of the mind that if I'm going to become tolerant to caffeine, I should at least save it for the taxing years of residency that are to come.

"Are you sure?" she prodded.

I grunted in return. She took another look at me, then sympathetically answered, "I'll get you a Double-Double."

"Ok..." I responded weakly.

Wednesday did not far much better. I had intended to sleep early on Tuesday... but somehow 12 AM turned into 2 AM... Yubin again took pity on my rather pathetic looking morning-state and offered up a Double-Double. Coffee helps...

This time, she took the extra step of coming online later that night to tell me to go to sleep, acting as the guardian enforcer of my ability to stay awake. I assured her instead that I would try to sleep by midnight. Nonetheless, I slept at 1 AM, for which I received a rather solid punch the next day.

Having virtually slept through all my bona fide lectures today, and completing the Clinical Skills assignment that had kept me up last night... I'm making a genuine effort to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight. But somehow just blogging has shifted my sleep from 11:50 to 12:25 AM. Still... that's an improvement, right? 6 hours is better than 4!


Christmas comes to AndyLand! On Tuesday, my late sleeping was a product of extreme website productivity. Please feel free to comment on the lovely new Christmasy atmosphere...!


jerome liu said...

woooooo! amazing website!

Alexis said...

The new layout is very Christmas-y! Ahh, I can just picture sitting in Lutie with santa hats. Do you think we'll ever stop playing RO? =p