Friday, November 7, 2008

Obsessive compulsive procrastination

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It's 8:52 PM. I have exactly 8 minutes to finish this entry.

I have logged some serious lab time in the last couple of days in order to prepare for my exam on Monday, but I still need to bunker down and study the whole weekend or things will turn out pretty grim.

I was supposed to start studying at 4 PM. I'm not entirely sure what happened to the 5 hours between then and now. Procrastination is its own beast. I start reading something, watching something, or listening something and the time starts to melt away. Then that little bit of obsessive compulsive takes over in me - the part that likes my life to be compartmentalized into neat little packets and rounded numbers. What's that? It's 8:43, and I was supposed to start working at 8:30? Well... might as well start at 9:00 then...

It's a vicious cycle from there.

Well anyways, today being a study day (soon to become a study day), I thought I would do what I usually do and share some music with you to console you for my life being incredibly boring around exam time. Nah, actually I am just itching for an excuse to use again now that Norton has taken it off the blacklist...

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sandlot said...

See this is why we are perfect for each other. Because I experience the same type of OCD as you.