Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quantum fails to make the leap

I caught up with 007 in his latest silver screen adventure, Quantum of Solace. Like a pi interaction, James was high in energy but produced the weakest Bond. Contrary to the funky title and my ill-fated puns, this super-spy has nothing to do with chemistry...

Quantum of Solace superficially provides everything we have come to expect from James - girls, guns, and gadgets (though he bucks the 007 trend by not having sex with the lead Bond girl). However, it falls flat as it is laced together by a paper thin and fragmented plot of revenge, with James working to foil the plans of the secretive organization known as Quantum.

A victim of its own flashiness, Quantum of Solace stumbles from one action scene to the next without giving itself time to expound on what is going on. In the end, you're left with the bitter aftertaste that while there were lots of neat firefights, James really didn't accomplish anything (other than winning Judy "M" Dench's undying trust) and that Bond's "licence to kill" has really gone to his head. What did James contribute to the Bond lore? To world security? And for that matter... where is Q? Miss Moneypenny? All I can say is that if this Quantum organization is the pillar of a third Bond movie, I'll be rather irked.

One more thing that was rather disappointing is that they seem to have taken the "super" out of super-spy. Is 007 talented? Certainly. Is he silky smooth and indestructible? Hardly. He's hard, gritty and utterly human (except when it comes to wooing women... at least some things don't change). And what about the gadgets? It seems with the omission of Q, James can't even find a good defence mechanism for his sexy Aston Martin (rocket launchers would be nice?).

Don't get me wrong. James Bond is a franchise that demands watching simply by virtue of being James Bond. The production values are slick, the action is frenetic, and Daniel Craig is a strapping specimen (and I say that in completely heterosexual envy). So as an action movie, Quantum delivers. As a compelling story, it's stuck at the ground state.

If it's any consolation, that already puts it ahead of the pack.

Special thanks to Evey for the refresher in the proper use of Chemistry terms.



I found the most incredible toys ever - giant, stuffed versions of microscopic pathogens. Be prepared to get Chlamydia for Christmas. Oh yes, it's coming your way.

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Anonymous said...

lmao i have an enlarged Rhinovirus doll too

and quantum of solace sux.. they are just feeding on the public's loyalty to the franchise.