Sunday, November 9, 2008

You're being watched

Because my girlfriend, Evey, is out of town for school, we often find ourselves using Windows Live's video conferencing features to keep in touch. Unfortunately, while the built-in camera for my laptop is decent, the microphone is atrocious and can barely pick up anything that I say (unless I yell). As a result I recently installed my old Logitech webcam, which I used to use with my old laptop. Indeed, its superior microphone solved our audio quality conundrum.

As with most webcams, my Logitech camera has an indicator light on the front to signify when it is active. Usually, the light will turn on when I am in a video call but is otherwise off. However, yesterday, whilst going about my business I noticed that the indicator light was on. I wasn't entirely sure what was causing this, and tried closing a number of programs I was running to see if they were inadvertently mobilizing my camera. In the end, I opted to point the camera downwards, uncomfortable with the possibility that my webcam was being externally accessed. Today the indicator light is off.

Unintentional activation by a background program or webhacker espionage? ...probably the former, but sort of creepy nonetheless.

1 comment:

your worst nightmare said...

i was watching your every move until you finally turned your camera downwards.

yours sincerely,
your worst nightmare