Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Canada plays PSP

It's always exciting for me when someone pays attention to Canada. In this case, it's Sony with their holiday push for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) entertainment system. The advert shows off the PSP to a backdrop of computer generated renditions of some of Canada's major landmarks.

I hope the advertisement does well, because to be honest, I love the PSP. I know everybody has a Nintendo DS these days - playing Brain Age and training their brains on "minutes a day", but the PlayStation Portable is a dramatically undervalued system. With terrific graphics, great media capabilities, and an ever-improving online store I think it has the potential to blow the socks off the DS if people gave it a chance.

That said, the "Canada" version of the PSP ad is actually part of a big advertising blitz by Sony to try and generate widespread appeal for their handheld system. Other ads include things like "New York City plays PSP" or "LA plays PSP," which really leaves you to wonder - Does Sony put our country on the same level as an American city? Oy...


If you're wondering what the irritating but oddly catchy song playing in the background of the advertisement is, it's Sleepyhead by Passion Pit. Check out the full song and trippy music video here.

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eleasa said...

Sony probably doesn't think that there's enough landmarks in one Canadian city to dedicate the entire ad to it. or doesn't want to waste the effort to look them up?

wow. i've had that song posted on my blog site since the summer of 2008. it's weird but makes me feel soindiecool to hear a song by an independent artist featured in a tv ad by a huge company. it's such an addicting song, no?