Sunday, December 21, 2008

Finding Mango

So Evey and I went yum cha with my parents. We each got our own little fishy made of mango pudding. Evey ate the tail end of her fish first. I looked over at it...

Andy: Hey, you just left the head!
Evey: I know... It's like... staring at me...
[Andy chuckles]
[Evey pops fish head into her mouth]
[Andy leans in...]
Andy: Aaaah! Aaaah! Stop! Don't eat me!
[Evey stops and looks like she's going to hurl]
Mom: What's wrong? Did you bite yourself?

If it were me, I probably just would have been like: "Too bad, you're tasty!" *CHOMP* I guess that shows that Evey is a nicer person than I am - either that or just more squeamish... too much Finding Nemo.

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Joyce said...

Meh, fish are fish! >:D