Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Getting into the Holiday Spirit

So festive it's sick

Yesterday, the hospital threw a holiday party, which included a Secret Santa gift exchange. My Secret Santa had polled Mello to see what I might want. Mello sneakily suggested that Santa buy me one of the Chlamydia stuffed animals from the university bookstore. Santa, not being particularly keen to send to wrong message by giving me a venereal disease, opted instead to get me a colony of MRSA. MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) is a hospital "superbug" (hence the cape) that has evolved resistance to a wide range of antibiotics and hence can be quite dangerous, especially among the immunocompromised.

I have to admit... the real buggers really look kind of like the toy.

Anyways, when it came my turn to be Santa, I was not nearly so bashful. I, in fact, did buy a Chlamydia stuffed animal for my unsuspecting recipient. I wrote card too. It went something like this:

Dear [insert name here],

Happy Holidays! In light of your budding career as a physician, I thought it would be appropriate to get you something medically related for Christmas. I gave you Chlamydia. Please don't get the wrong idea - I'm not in the habit of passing on venereal diseases to other dudes.

I couldn't really read the recipient's face after he opened it. Interesting story though - my Secret Santa recipient actually arrived late to the party. He arrived about halfway through, and upon entering room, Mello ran up to him and asked, "So how did you like Chlamydia?" Of course, he had not yet received my gift, so he was utterly befuddled (and Mello was utterly embarrassed). He later recounted, in jest, that he had been struck at that moment by a torrent of bewildered thoughts such as, "Did something happen between Mello and I that I don't remember?"


Ave Maria

You may recall my posting a Korean pop song called Ave Maria a little while ago. This was from the soundtrack of a Korean movie, 200 Pounds Beauty. As it turns out, Ave Maria is actually the name of a great many musical compositions, the most famous of which is a popular piece by none other than Franz Shubert.

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The song appeared on my Now! Christmas album, sung by Sarah Brightman, who Evey informs me was the prima donna of Broadway musicals. It's quite a lovely piece. I particularly picture it appealing to Maximus' startlingly classical tastes in music.

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