Monday, December 29, 2008

In need of decoder ring

You know how cereal boxes often have a little prize buried in them for the kiddies? And the prototypical cereal box prize is the decoder ring - the key to writing in some special coded script that only you, others privy to their own decoder ring, and mathematicians with a proficiency in sequences and series can decipher.

I bring this up because it seems like some people (or at least one person) feels like my own handwriting represents a code to be cracked. I received the following troubling message in a recent Christmas card:

Despite the innocuous looking smiley face, I was a little bit wounded and very much flabbergasted by the message. After all, I've never been accused of having "scribbly doctor's prescription writing" before... In fact, at least 50% of people who see my handwriting for the first time accuse me of having girl writing, which is an impertinent way of of saying that my writing is neater and rounder than that of the average male.

Now my writing can be messy (especially when I'm in a hurry and/or have been writing for a long time), and people do comment on it from time to time. But usually such comments come with a reference to my usual neater writing. They've never come with a superlative like "always" attached before. I was shocked.

Above is a sample of my usual handwriting taken from a Respirology seminar earlier this year. While it's not going to win any contests, I'd say it's relatively legible and pleasant looking. At least, I'd hope it wouldn't leave any pharmacists scratching their heads or any nurses scouring cereal boxes for their decoder rings...


swirls123 said...

If it counts for anything, your hand-writing is better than Hannah's.

Joyce said...

You somehow have waaaay too much time on your hands 8D;;;

It's legible, but maybe on the curly side...xD;;