Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My life is virtual

Yesterday, I spent the whole day glued to a screen. Yes, unhealthy, I know. The day started out innocuously enough: meeting up for lunch with a friend at Ten Ren's Tea House. Ten Ren's was a favourite lunch spot for the summer because they have a pretty good lunch special. Now that I'm back in school, it's not as idyllic since the special doesn't apply on weekends and there is no dinner special - thus, evening and weekends, when I am usually available to go out, there is no special. The special really only benefits someone with a wealth of time on their hands, such as a student on holiday.

After lunch, my friend came back for a little bit of Rock Band 2. By a little bit, I mean hours. He was one of those people who had mastered the original Rock Band so I was encouraged little by little to up my game to the Hard difficulty setting... since I was pretty much coasting at 95% accuracy on the guitar at Medium. The Hard difficulty was aptly named as it was... hard. My arms go into fasciculations just thinking about the little orange button on that faux Fender Stratocaster guitar. Five buttons, four fingers. It's madness I tells ya... madness!

When afternoon hit evening, my friend had to pack it in and head home, leaving me with bloodshot eyes (from tracking all those little coloured rectangles up and down the screen) and twitching fingers (from trying to find the right coloured button). I decided I needed to find a less involving activity to loosen up.

As it turned out, I had rented the Wachowski brothers' Speed Racer the other day. It's on the long list of crappy action movies that I wanted to see but couldn't bring myself to watch in theatres (others include Angelina Jolie's Wanted). Watching Speed Racer was a little bit like watching the Star Wars prequels in that the set was almost entirely computer generated.

When Speed Racer came out, it got some pretty shoddy reviews. But I have to tell you, even though the acting was crap and the constantly flashing colours were like one giant seizure... it was still a pretty fun movie. At least, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a feel good movie, and when the ending credits hit with a remixed version of the original Speed Racer theme song ("Go Speed Racer! Go Speed Racer! Go Speed Racer Gooooooo!") I couldn't help but break out into dance with abandon (of course... there was nobody else around, and that helped).

Adding the icing to the metaphorical cake of my virtual life, I decided to catch up on the two episodes of Gundam 00 that I was behind in. All my other shows - Grey's, Heroes, and My Own Worst Enemy - are on break for Christmas. This is kind of counterintuitive, because I also am on break for Christmas, and with my newfound wealth of time, I'd really like to be able to watch new episodes of my favourite television shows.

In any case, Gundam 00 is one of those anime that manages to keep going by the strength of its franchise alone. After all, Gundam is one of the seminal names in mecha anime. Yet Gundam 00 is really quite horrible (and the last series before it, Gundam Seed Destiny was atrocious). Compared to other popular mecha that came out this year (the beautiful Macross Frontier and brilliant Code Geass R2), 00 is a complete flop. Yet I have to admit, I can't help but watch (and the story is picking up a wee bit) - after all, they still have some of the most aesthetically delightful (if cliché) robot designs out there.

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sandlot said...

One day when I have time, I'm going to start watching one of these animes? (is that a word?)

And try and see why you love them so much. Or as you would put it, "used to love them".