Tuesday, December 2, 2008

That's not my name

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If you've been following my ramblings, you know that I don't use people's real names when recounting the happenings of my life. Each recurring character has a thoughtfully chosen pseudonym which can be used to follow their appearances throughout my entries. That said, some folks have expressed a level of dissatisfaction with their nomenclature - as though I had some darker motivation for my name selection. I thought I would take this opportunity to clear the air and provide some illumination into the characters behind the people behind the names. Let's begin:


Sydney Bristow

About the character: Sydney is a secret agent from the hit television show Alias. She was played by actress Jennifer Garner.

Why Sydney?: One of the few things that "Sydney" and I have in common is our relentless fanboyism, exemplified by our frenetic Fan Expo excursions. While I've never got into Alias myself, it's one of Syd's favourite shows. Who better to name her after than the protagonist?


Introducing: Evey Hammond

About the character: Evey is the leading lady from the film V for Vendetta. Living in an authoritarian future Britain, she lives in fear of the government. Caught out past curfew by the malicious government enforcers known as "Fingermen", she is rescued by the vengeance-driven hero known only as V. Swept up in his revolution, Evey's life begins a steady transformation from one of fearful conventionalism to one of bold and fearless action. Evey is played by actress Natalie Portman.

Why Evey?: "Evey" is my loving girlfriend of four and a half years. In all our years together, we have seldom shared an appreciation for comic book movies (I like them, she doesn't) - but we both agreed that V for Vendetta was exceptional movie and that Natalie Portman was brilliant in her role. Like the early character, "Evey" is a soft-spoken, gentle, and modest person. Like the late character, she is resilient, wilful, and warm.


Introducing: Mello

About the character: Mello is a child prodigy from the Japanese manga Death Note. He and his rival, Near, are the potential successors to the world's most brilliant detective, known only as L. When L dies, Mello begins investigating the serial killer known as Kira, albeit in a more underhanded manner than his compatriot, Near. Mello is eventually killed in the process.

Why Mello?: Okay, so I didn't pick this name because of any similarities between my friend and the character. Rather, it was meant to be a clever play on words. In an early post, I had referred to "Mello" merely as the initial "L", not realizing how often she would be involved in events worth retelling. When it came time to decide on a real pseudonym, it seemed logical to choose the successor to the character named "L." At the time, I thought that Mello was a female character whereas Near was a male character. Thus, I picked the female of the two. As I was later reminded, they are in fact both male... but the name stuck anyways.


Introducing: Yuffie Kisaragi

About the character: Yuffie is an enthusiastic young ninja from the video game Final Fantasy VII. Her dream is to restore her homeland of Wutai to its former glory.

Why Yuffie?: Things that "Yuffie" and Yuffie have in common include enthusiasm, outspokenness, loud voices, and an affinity for hotpants. Oh wait, I'm sorry... that's only for clubbing.


Introducing: J-Rock

Why J-Rock?: Don't look at me for this one. J-Rock is a nickname my friend had picked up long before I met him. Rather than suffer an aneurysm thinking up a new name, I just went with what was tried and true. Sure it makes it sound like he's into punkish Japanese music, but I certainly can't be blamed for that.


Introducing: Kim Yubin

About the character: Yubin is the rapper for the real-life Korean girl band, Wonder Girls.

Why Yubin?: "Yubin" is a fiend at karaoke - she's a pretty solid rapper in Korean and sings a mean "Nobody Nobody."



Why Maximus?: I could tell you I named Max after Russell Crowe's character from Gladiator (an association that J-Rock made), but that would be lying. One day, Max and I were talking about how he picked his name when he immigrated. He woefully joked that if he could choose his name again, he would pick something more imposing, like "Maximus." All I can say is, be careful what you wish for.


Disco Stu

About the character: Disco Stu is a character from the Simpsons cartoon show. He lives it up in a tacky leisure suit as if disco was still in its prime. He's not the only one...

Why Stewie?: I know when most people hear Stewie, they think Family Guy, but the intention here was squarely on Disco Stu. After Stewie's amazing Halloween getup, it was only natural.


Eiichiro Kushima

About the character: Kushima is the director of Electronic Investigations in the anime Real Drive. His work is to investigate abuse within the virtual cyberspace known as the Metal. He is a serious fellow and stalwart friend of a diver named Masamichi Haru.

Why Kushima?: Like the character, "Kushima" is a serious and earnest fellow and with a reliable personality. Both the character and the person also share a clean-cut style and a need to dress professionally at all times.



Why Zo?: Like J-Rock, this is another nickname that existed before my time. My friend informed me that "Zo" or "Zoster" are common nicknames used in reference to her. The former reminds me of a henchwoman from Guild Wars, while the latter makes me think of chicken pox... but maybe that's just me.


Saotome Alto

About the character: Alto is a mecha pilot from the anime Macross Frontier. He is young and stubborn; but despite bursting out when he objects, he maintains a more restrained quality than most of his contemporaries.

Why Alto?: Like the character, "Alto" gives the impression of being shy while maintaining a fair share of spunk. Both the character and the person also share a youthful appearance and fine features - traits aspired to in many Asian circles.



About the character: Lucky is the leprechaun mascot for the cereal brand Lucky Charms. He's a television icon known for the catch phrase, "They're after me Lucky Charms!"

Why Lucky?: "Lucky" is Mello's boyfriend. His true name had me thinking along the lines of... Irish. Irish led to leprechauns. Leprechauns led to Lucky. QED.



About the character: Rociel is a character from the manga Angel Sanctuary.

Why Rociel?: To be honest, I don't know the first thing about Angel Sanctuary. This name was picked out by my friend herself. It happens to be a male character also, but unlike Mello, this is not my fault.



Why Mei?: You might have noticed by this point, that where it was unnecessary to do so, I opted not to exercise my creative juices. This was another such case, as Mei had already been using this pen name in order to remain anonymous for her own blogging adventures.


Teddy revealed!

You may have noticed some thought provoking comments on my entries over the last week or two by someone named Teddy. If you were wondering who this person was, you were not the only one. Today, my suspicions were confirmed as it was revealed to me that the origin of this mysterious banter was none other than Alto himself - one of the most prolific commentators on my blog. Alto also expressed displeasure at being named after such an effeminate looking protagonist as Saotome Alto from Macross Frontier. As a result, I will henceforth be renaming him after my favourite fictional teddy:

Introducing: Kon

About the character: Kon is a substitute soul from the manga Bleach. His real purpose is to occupy the body of the protagonist, Ichigo, while he is out-of-body fighting monsters as a Death God or Shinigami. When not in Ichigo's body, Kon is resentfully kept in a stuffed animal. Kon is a bit of a trouble-maker and keeps the tone of the manga lighthearted.

Why Kon?: Like the character, "Kon" is also a Teddy (Okay... so Kon is not technically a teddy bear, he's a stuffed lion... but...).

Oh... my... goodness... This ate my entire night.


Teddy said...

Definition of spunk (from the Cambridge Dictionary):

1. bravery and determination
2. semen
3. a sexually attractive man

In context:
Like the character, "Alto" gives the impression of being shy while maintaining a fair share of spunk.

a_ndy said...

LOL. I love how it always manages to seem like I was being evil. This is primary definition of the word [that I was thinking of]:

spunk /spʌŋk/ –noun
1. pluck; spirit; mettle.

For the record, I meant spunk as in "spunky." If you look up that words, you won't have any definitions about semen. :)

(Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006.)

haha said...

you guys are so funny!!

swirls123 said...

Nice post.

You sure have a lot of time on your hands. :P

Anonymous said...

oyy, chicken pox? I am superior!!!