Saturday, January 24, 2009

Caution: Warped minds at work (1/2)

I'm sorry that the last week or so has been flooded with entries about Korean drama and movies. It just happens that between exams, school, and my vapid procrastination, not much has been going on.

Last week, I had a lecture on schizophrenia and tuberculosis. As I often do, I began doodling a miscellaneous anime lady. Maximus, who was sitting beside me, leaned over and grabbed my sheet. Now I have to tell you - this is generally not a great sign. When you pour your time and effort into a sketch, friends often feel to need to lean over and apply googly eyes or frak up the arms that you haven't had time to draw in yet... Maximus, to his credit, merely drew a sliver of blood dripping down the character's mouth. I was relieved that at least the lady did not look demented after the addition.

I took the change as an opportunity to fix the character's hand, which was a mess due to my shameful inability to draw proper appendages, by covering it with a skull. At this point, Maximus went all out - leading to a rather twisted looking collaboration. In her opposite hand appeared a spear, on which hung a dreadful-looking head, dripping a pool of blood. In the background, the remainder of the body materialized, with a series of bloody footsteps bridging the divide. Applying the cherry-on-top, Maximus drew in a text bubble reading, "Look how cute I am". I can tell you that the image garnered quite a bit of attention.

In a final spin, we decided to tie our morbid artistic creation to the lecture we were listening to. Schizophrenia can be characterized by four different types of symptoms: Positive (addition of abnormal thoughts), negative (loss of normal responsiveness), cognitive (disorders of mental function), and mood. Labels were applied, and our character became the poster-girl for schizophrenia. Along the very bottom is a finish line, labelled Clozapine, an anti-psychotic drug. As evidenced by the large pool of blood though, our lady has stopped just short of effective therapy.

And now it's time to bunker down and study...

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sandlot said...

Your drawing is so morbid! Also strange because she doesn't have feet! What is this girl? A cute psycho killer sans feet?