Sunday, January 11, 2009

d0 : Medgames 2009

Thursday's daytime was spent learning about cystic fibrosis at St. Mike's. The small hospital lecture theatre couldn't accommodate all the students, leading to a crowd of people seated on the stairwell. This posed quite a fire hazard, and I envisioned an entire class of medical students perishing in one horrific blaze. But I supposed that in the event of a hospital-wide fire, there would be greater concerns than the loss of some medical students.

Despite the ongoing timed release of several blog entries over the weekend, I have actually been away from home since Thursday evening. This weekend was Medgames, a competitive sporting event for medical school students across the country. It is apparently so important that classes were cancelled on Friday so that the bus could leave for Montréal at 8 AM. Waking up super early on Friday and finding a way to get downtown with my luggage did not sound fun, so I decided to crash at Kushima's place Thursday night and catch the bus together with him in the morning.

After classes, I went home, packed up, and watched this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy. Distracted by Izzy's ongoing episode of mental instability (having sex with the apparition of her dead fiance while simultaneously going down on her fellow resident, Karev), I forgot a couple of important items - headphones (for the 6 hour bus ride to come) and a sleeping bag.

Luckily, most of my friends live downtown since they don't share my own masochistic tolerance for a long morning commute to school. As it turned out, Stewie agreed to lend me his sleeping bag, so I embarked on my journey to his apartment. It was about 11 PM when I set out.

Stewie still lives quite a distance from Kushima, so I had to take two separate subway lines past 7 stations in order to get there. On the way East, I rode on a super old school train (left photo). I hadn't seen one of these puppies in many years, and it was a total blast from the past. The seats, the colours, and atmosphere of the train felt remarkably different. I had no idea that trains this old were still in commission. I managed picked up a pair of Sony headphones for $12 at a Bloor station convenience store while I was waiting for my train. It was a bit pricey for a one-day necessity, but I decided it was unlikely for me to find any other stores carrying headphones open at this time of night.

The apartment was a bit east of the beaten track. I hadn't realized how quickly the city became sketchy once you were out of sight of the major roads. The area was a bit run down, and the streets were pretty desolate save for a few suspicious cars idle here and there and a couple unfriendly looking denizens walking the sidewalks. I had to admit that walking to and from Stewie's place made me a bit nervous, especially given the time.

Something really interesting that I did pass on the way though, was an old school looking diner called Johnny Rockets. It looked so inviting and vintage that I am determined to try it out some day.

Having secured both the sleeping bag and the headphones, I high tailed it back to Kushima's. He was still packing, so I messed around with the computer until he was done around 2 AM. We continued talking until about 3, and then went to sleep - Medgames lying in wait just on the other side of unconsciousness.

To be continued...

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sandlot said...

Your friends' place looks so sketchy. I'm glad you didn't get jumped on the way there.