Saturday, January 17, 2009

Holy frolicsome freshmen, Batman!

Recently, a kindly stranger dropped by my blog and left a comment about my reflections on Medgames. Apparently, they had stumbled upon my writings while searching Medgames on Google. Curious as to just how far down the list one would have to go to do so, I decided to enter "Medgames 2009" into Google myself. I could hardly have anticipated the result...

With all the Facebook albums being posted under the "Medgames 2009" banner, I had perhaps not realized just how little genuine web-publishing students do these days. I landed myself at #2 on Google.


As an aside, I swung by an old high school friend's blog today, and was happy to see a few things going on there. His blog was actually my first exposure to Blogger, and therefore paved the way for the construction of this page you are reading right now. I had designed the original layout last year and illustrated the watermark turtle that appears on many of the images.

The blog name, Brutal Turtle, actually comes from an AI setting for computer opponents in Electronic Arts' Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars (opponents who horde up their units, attacking late in the game, but with overwhelming force). It carries my friend's musings, whose interests include cars (particularly BMW), the Queen, and a democratic Hong Kong.

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Bored Teddy said...

i think this is something worth celebrating. some champagne, wine ,etc ,etc