Monday, January 19, 2009

Procrastinata eternum

...I like to invent fancy words for my perpetual state of dawdling. I'm absurdly tired today. Allow me to interject a few entertaining anecdotes to your own procrastination.

Life in the Great Wall

I sit in the Great Wall - a term coined early in the year to describe a row of seats occupied almost entirely by East Asians. It has always baffled me that the Great Wall occupies the fourth row, a number considered highly unlucky for its resemblance to the Chinese word for "death." I guess the eighth row was just too far back to satisfy our keen little brains (or myopic eyesight).

Today, our professor was describing collagen synthesis, and in particular the effect of Vitamin C deficiency on this process. You might know that Vitamin C deficiency leads to a condition called scurvy, which was common among seafaring folk back in the day. In the mid-1700's, British sailors sent off to fight the French logged around 130,000 casualties to scurvy and 1500 to combat. When the cause was discovered, the Royal Navy began rationing lime juice to sailors as a source of Vitamin C. He then noted that the Chinese had been using fermented bean sprouts to the same effect since the 14th or 15th Century.

There was a predictable stir in the Chinese population of the class. Behind us, a couple of brown girls commented with a chuckle, "The Great Wall is patting itself on the back."

Breaking it down

This weekend I installed Google Analytics on my blog. This statistical service allows me to track how many visitors I have, how long they stay, and where they come from. It only updates once a day, so it keeps me from obsessively trolling my stats page. I was particularly curious about how many random strangers blow through my site without my knowing.

As it turned out, 27 distinct individuals stopped by my page over the weekend. 33% of them arrived via a search engine. Most stumbled upon my blog through searches for "Medgames," one through a search for "long ago in a galaxy far away star wars quote," and one inexplicably through a search for "Asian boy popular" (I will admit that I immediately tried punching that into Google and couldn't find my website anywhere).

Almost all of the visits were from Ontario, but two hits landed via the United States, and one from Thailand. I wouldn't take that too seriously though - I have a 63% bounce rate, meaning most visitors immediately decide that my page is not relevant to them and leave.

On average, people spend 2 minutes and 15 seconds on the top page. "2 minutes!" exclaimed Mello, "That's a lot!"

...It is?

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Teddy out to ruin your day said...

it's all me, i use proxy servers from US and Thailand to visit your website. and i'm weighing down the average-time-spent-number because i leave your website on. the background music is just too soothing. i didn't do the "Asian boy popular" one though, i'm more interested in "Asian female celebrity popular" or something along those lines. :)

a_ndy said...

Heh, if that were true it would make me both really happy and really sad. Happy that someone actually listens to and enjoys the music; sad that the mode of time spent on my site is probably closer to ~00:00 then.

Teddy out to ruin your day was joking said...

after 3 hours, i realized that i didn't put a "j/k" at the end of my msg. and i remember how you said you can't tell when i'm joking or not, so i'm here to clarify that.

i was just joking lol. those visitors from US and Thailand are probably young cute smart girls interested in your life.

o but becareful of thailand "girls" though