Saturday, January 31, 2009

The same 'ol undergrad schtick

For the second day in Kingston, I allowed myself to settle back into my undergrad groove - catching up with all the familiar little comforts. The day began with Saturday morning brunch at Leonard cafeteria. On my way in, I bumped into someone who lived on my floor last year.

Y: Andy! What are you doing here?!
A: Oh, you know, just visiting.
Y: Why the f*ck would you come to the caf?!

In my defense, I can't eat out for every meal. The round trip train ticket alone was not cheap.

I also took the opportunity to log onto DC++. DC is a file-sharing program which requires you to connect via centralized "hubs". Queen's Residence has its own student run hub, allowing students to share files over the residence network at blinding speeds. While the quality of sharing on the Queen's network has been in steady decline for the past four years, I did manage to snag almost 10 Gb or the 1990's cartoon series, X-Men. /drool

I also managed to stock up on the second season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which I haven't had the time to keep up with this year. Oh the hours of sweet procrastination that lie ahead...

Aside from this weekend, I haven't really downloaded any American television since school started. Because I've been trying to bring my actions in line with my moral reservations about piracy, I've been working to watch TV either as it airs or legally on network websites. However, since CTV doesn't offer Terminator in online format, it's been impossible for me to catch up with this show after falling behind. Having access to DC again reminded me of how enticing it is to download with abandon when you can access a wide array of files at speeds upwards of 1 Mbps. Oh temptation...

Evey and I went to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button today (which was really quite excellent). On the way, we walked by yesterday's snowman. It appeared as though he'd had a bad day - the smile wiped off his face in a brutal case of murder.

We finished off the day with a final undergrad tradition: having food delivered right to our door. Unfortunately, what we got was perhaps the worst Pizza Hut pizza we'd ever tasted.


J-Rock said...

YOOO X-men was SO awesome! Is it the entire series????? Can I get it off of you sometime???? I will DRIVE to your place and bring my harddrive!!! then we can play some rockband too :D

a_ndy said...

I got all of Seasons 1-2 and all of Season 3 (except for the last two episodes). I didn't manage to snag Seasons 4 or 5 because the user went offline, but Evey said she would get them for me and bring them to me during Reading Week.

Joyce said...

What's wrong with the caf?!?! I miss caf brunch! Well, only on bacon and tatertots days. 8D;;;