Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Boys night out

On Sunday, Kushima, Kon, Stewie, Maximus, and J-Rock converged on the uptown suburbs of Toronto for some long-weekend antics.

Kushima arrived first, followed by Kon, Stewie, and Maximus. We jump started our night with dinner at a Shanghainese restaurant across from Pacific Mall. Most of my experience eating with Chinese people comes from those who share my background - products of the pre-takeover immigrant surge from Hong Kong. So it was actually quite interesting to discover that the Hong Kong/Mainland Chinese split in our group resulted in noticeably different trends in both food preferences and eating custom.

After dinner, we partook of a little SingStar - a karaoke-like game for the PlayStation 2. The attraction for the game lies in the fact that it uses the original track plus authentic music video for popular songs. On the other hand, microphone amplification is minimal... so at times it felt like we were just plain singing. At least, it would have were it not for the fact that the mics were carefully tracking our pitch throughout the song and grading us on our accuracy of performance. It added a little bit of amusement to our night to be scored on how horribly we sang.

We made the switch over to DDR, for which Kushima demonstrated a surprising affinity. At about that point, J-Rock arrived, providing us with sufficient voting power to make the leap to Rock Band (which Kushima had been vehemently resisting).

Rock band did not amuse my friends to the level that I expected. I think this is partially because we were not playing as a consistent band in World Tour mode. There is something inexplicably engaging about starting up a virtual band, customizing an avatar who is you (from their clothes, to their hair, to the tattoos on their bod), and fighting your way up from nothing - every instrument, every venue, every article of clothing unlocked by hard earned fans and cash and an expression of one's personal tastes. Surely the highlight of the experience, though, was Kon taking the helm as an impassioned lead singer for Blondie's One Way or Another.

When the gaming wound down, we decided to head out for dessert. After bouncing from one jam packed dessert place to another, we ended up at Go For Tea, settling down for some brick toast, hot tea, and profound male bonding. Kushima ordered a taro milk black tea, which came with a little vial of sugar as sweetener.

Kushima: I dare you to drink that thing straight up.

Andy: Do it! He'll be so screwed afterwards... his drink will be so bland that he won't be able to drink it.

Kushima: No, I don't really like sweet stuff. The tea is sweet enough.

[After passing the sugar towards me]

Kushima: Here, screw me over, please.

We all glanced around the table. Kushima immediately recognized his error in choice of words.

I couldn't help but be reminded of another awkward, though not quite analogous slip of the tongue. Way back in ninth grade, there was one lad of particular social awkwardness. He was consistently teased by the "cool" crowd and more or less left to his devices by everyone else. Once, in a brazen act of defiance he lashed out verbally at his tormentor.

Presumably, he wanted to attack with a ghettoism such as, "Blow me" or "Suck my d*ck." But in the heat of anger, his tongue twisted around his brain, and what came out was one very embarrassing, "Shut up! I'll suck your d*ck!" It was a horrifying moment to witness...

After satisfying our need for food, drink, and merriment, the boys dispersed back to their respective homesteads; leaving the ladies to complain in retrospect that they had not been invited.

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Te-ddy said...

No girls allowed. Stewie can infiltrate the girls' bonding session and provide us with vital information.