Sunday, February 8, 2009

i Click

“Please key in your answers,” she said.
This tool is to help jump your learning ahead.
With a fifty buck price tag, I know it’s quite steep
But with five percent riding, it keeps you from sleep.

Option 1 says I wasted my money today.
In muted agreement – iClick A

“Please enter your answers with speed.”
“The polling will close if you take time to read.”
The concept of questions in lecture is fine,
But it’s nothing but stressful to run out of time.

Option 2 says the prof’s too impatient for we.
In frantic concurrence – iClick B

“Now the question is through. Let’s move on.”
But wait, all the answers we entered are gone.
For the purpose of asking the students is none,
If we can’t check results once the survey is done.

Option 3 says tech literate teachers are key.
In frustrated consensus – iClick C

Another three hours of lectures conclude,
But no iClicker questions. Prof is not in the mood.
I am starting to grieve for this silly device.
After spending the money, some use would be nice.

Option 4: Clicker use needs a higher degree.
In stingy compliance – iClick D

This question has only four options to choose,
But iClickers have oddly five buttons to use.
For the joker, protester, and rascal in thee,
I suggest you reject answers A through to D.

Option 5 is quite absent, with nothing to see.
But I think that’s my answer – iClick E.


Background on the poem

Our latest course utilizes polling devices called iClickers. They're little remote controls that allow us to anonymously log answers to in-class multiple choice questions and then immediately see the distribution of class-wide responses. While an interesting and entertaining concept, the $50 price tag is quite contentious given the device's limited use.

On the topic of iClickers, I recently received the following Wall post on my Facebook:

Since iclickers hath inspir'd much debate,
Already tis something we've all grown to hate.
Like how a biological system requires many a carb,
Will thou writeth a poem about iclickers, [Andy] the Bard?

Clearly, my previous literary endeavour concerning the diversity of FOOSH had some long-standing impact. Faced with such an inspired request, I had no choice but to dust off the virtual pen once more. The poem is designed to portray my personal experiences with the iClicker in the form of 5 multiple choice answers:

What is your experience with the iClicker?
  1. It's designed to keep students engaged, but is too expensive
  2. Professors are often in a hurry, closing the polls before all the students have entered their answers and/or have had time to think about the question
  3. Some professors ask the question but then don't show us the polling results, making the entire exercise pointless
  4. Other professors abstain from using the iClicker at all, making it a worthless investment
  5. iClicker questions often have less answer choices than we have buttons, which leads to some "interesting" results


Alexis said...

That was a clever poem. I like it better than the FOOSH one (probably because I didn't really get it).

Teddy said...

Of all the lectures we had to date,
Never had my eyes felt so full of weight!
Seminars horrible,
Teachers deplorable.
Everything downhill,
I lost my initial thrill.
iClicker cost me 50 bucks,
Wallet so light I am dumbstruck.
O Taylor where have you gone?
Without you I do nothing but yawn.

brutalturtle said...

thank you for noticing pattern~ only regular readers would know. My blog does not show up on your list of blogs you follow because the title is my banner (my title is img src=photobucket.... on everything). Sad. I like my banner.