Friday, February 13, 2009

Lub-dub, lub-dub

While in North Carolina last weekend, my cousin's friend took note of my OMSW 2008 T-shirt, which I frequently wear indoors.

Cousin's friend: Hey, is that a stethoscope? That's so clever! Where did you get that?

Andy: Oh, I got it at the Medical Students' Weekend.

Cousin's friend: That can't be right. Medical students don't have weekends!

Andy: Sorry, you must be confusing us with real doctors.

["Lub-dub" is the sound of the heart through a stethoscope]


Anonymous said...

I thought I'd comment on today's entry,
Surprised I was to find there isn't any.
Better keep up the good work on your blog,
Else I will visit other person's log.

a_ndy said...

I think it's too early, the writer to flog
He was too busy driving last night to yet blog

But don't worry, he's ready to pick up the slack
For of topics for writing, there's surely no lack

This weekend, he took plenty of pictures and notes
And of amusing stories there may also be quotes!