Thursday, February 19, 2009

So-bad: In need of ramen

Yesterday, I popped out for lunch with Evey and her sister, who was interviewing for a spot at the Ontario College of Art & Design. We ate at a little Japanese restaurant called Konnichiwa (Japanese for "good afternoon" or "hello").

I ordered the lunch special, which consisted of tempura with my choice of udon, hot soba, or cold soba. I opted for the hot soba. Soba is a type of Japanese noodle made of buckwheat flour. It's a staple of Japanese food, and you'll often see people munching on it in Japanese manga, anime, and drama. They sure seem to enjoy it.

This was my first time eating soba, and I have to tell you... I did not at all like it. It had this grainy texture that I just could not get around. Evey did me the favour of swapping for her udon. She later chastised that soba should be eaten chilled, if possible with a bit of turnip. For my part, I just wished I had gone with my gut and ordered the Konnichiawa ramen.


sandlot said...

for some reason soba always reminds me of Dracunculiasis (otherwise known as guinea worm disease).

i don't like soba either.

Linda said...

udon rocks my tummy cuz it's so yummy! i haven't had soba, but i've tried whole wheat pasta, which is gross.