Thursday, February 5, 2009

TNA gets a little TLC

It's challenging to walk around any university campus and not see one, two, or a dozen: Girls sporting TNA-branded jackets that is. In fact, it's been a long time since I've seen this level of brand dominance.

Awhile back, someone told me that TNA stands for "tits and ass." This led me to seriously wonder how a brand of quasi-ghetto origin and a particularly steep price tag could ever achieve such a high level of market penetration - I feel as though upwards of of 1 in 4 young female adults walk around in a TNA-branded coat with a glaringly obvious TNA-logo stitched into the hood.

Well the answer is, it didn't. While TNA may be used in pop culture as an acronym for "tits and ass" (or Total Nonstop Action wrestling), the brand name actually stands for Talula National Athletics, which you're likely aware (I wasn't) is a line by Canadian clothesmakers Aritzia.

I'd been meaning to look this up for a long time but kept forgetting. Put in this perspective, everything made a lot more sense. TNA didn't arise out of the ghetto (unlike FUBU), but generates quality gear at brand name prices. And it's Canadian? Bravo.

The whole misunderstanding, however, does lead me to wonder: What came first, the expression or the brand? Did Talula National Athletics purposely name itself so as to align with "tits and ass" (as French Connection UK purposely alluded to a particular four letter expletive)? Did this crude expression arise separately, or subsequently (perhaps as a result of TNA's shapely wears)?

One thing is for certain though, TNA is popular. In fact, while walking alongside a lady friend sporting her own TNA jacket, Kushima commented: "Boy that coat looks so warm. I really wish I could find a men's coat that was that warm. Maybe I'll just buy one and unstitch the logo." Chidingly, I replied, "I'm sure that'll go over real well. I can picture it now: 'Gee, Kushima, that jacket really brings out your curves.'"


Alexis said...

I like your new background music. I don't like tna. There, two things you didn't know (or only sort of knew). =)

ah.ling said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA "tits and ass", i didn't know that, now, when i see someone sporting tna clothes, i'll laugh and point at them (in my head) hee hee..