Thursday, February 26, 2009

You're a slave to your blog when...

  1. You feel compelled to write an entry every day... sometimes twice a day. You feel guilty if you don't.

  2. You take photos of everything you eat, then post them afterwards.

  3. You make mental notes of interesting news, then ration them out so that you have something to write about when life slows down.

  4. You find yourself confusing your friends' names with their online pseudonyms.

  5. You begin measuring your self worth in the number of comments your blog entries get.


Sandlot said...

hahaha. I totally understand where you're coming from. I suppose this is what makes us bloggers. Although, i can't say that i've done #2.

a_ndy said...

Ah, are you're a blogger as well? I had no idea - I'm kind of curious now.

I'm not surprised at you not doing #2. I am surprised that you said #2 rather than #4. I feel like giving people pseudonyms is kind of a unique, hyper-protective quirk of mine.

Anonymous said...

Gotta ration out the comments, can't boost your ego too much. The key is to stop posting for some time, drive you crazy with the blog-insecurity, make you crave them. Enjoy every last syllable of the comments, print them out, laminate them, show them to your grandchildren.

No, you are not enslaved to your blog. You're enslaved to us all.

*sublime message to Andy* buy us lunch... buy us lunch...

a_ndy said...

I think what you mean is "subliminal", since "sublime" means "awe-inspiring." Although, depending on your standards, asking for a free lunch might be considered an awe-inspiring message.

Alexis said...

Oh no Teddy you can't do that to meeee! Why me? Because Andy goes crazy when he doesn't get comments and I have to boost his blog-ego x5!

sandlot said...

yes i'm a fellow blogger.

I suppose i should have said that #4 doesn't apply to me as well, considering how i try not mention my friends in my posts (for the sake of their privacy).

I also toiled around with the idea of remaining anonymous on your blog. Unfortunately, i tend to be at a loss when it comes to withholding info for lengthy periods of time. Haha.

So here's my blog:

I still can't recall if i've ever bumped into you on campus, but maybe you can now? haha.

a_ndy said...

I will have to take a closer look at this when I am not frantically scrambling to collect information for tomorrow's Problem Based Learning exercise. But wow, you sure have quite a following there... I guess it follows that your self worth must be quite a bit better than mine. :P

As for whether I've ever bumped into you... well, it's hard to tell from the intentionally distorted photo, but I'd have to bank on no. Aside from QDDR and KCCF, I pretty much only knew people within the bubble that is "Life Sciences"... plus I only knew one Tammy. Here's a digital handshake though: Nice to meet you.