Friday, March 6, 2009

Don't be a coxblocker

Awkward professorial moment:

Prof: Naproxen is an anti-inflammatory. More specifically it is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. What does that do? It blocks COX. You know all about COX (pronounced: "cocks"), right?

Class: [laughter]

Prof: [momentary confusion] Wait, I mean, you know all about cyclooxygenase (COX)... good thing this lecture is not being recorded.

Interestingly enough, at Stewie's birthday celebration, we watched the movie Role Models starring Sean William Scott. Sean William Scott is also the star of an upcoming movie called Coxblocker (2009). Coincidence?


sandlot said...

ahh sorry, this really has nothing to do with your post, but since you're a med student... have you seen this before?

it's pretty funny. actually, i guess in someways in could relate to your post.

a_ndy said...

No I've never seen it before. It was pretty amusing. Thank goodness my PBL doesn't look like that. That said, it probably would've been funnier if I could actually relate to the archetypes they were describing.

Although I definitely do know the person who jumps at the opportunity to read the case... I actually find it a little bit annoying. Don't tell anyone! Oh, and I too once wanted to be an astronaut... but I guess I'll try be a doctor for now.

"I don't need to study... I'm Asian." Haha...

Thanks for sharing.

P.S. The second year class at UofT also did a medical school Office spoof, but for the admission interview weekend. It was really funny... I don't think that it's posted online anywhere though.

P.P.S. While we're on to completely unrelated topics, I was kind of disappointed that you disabled RSS feeds for your blog. I get my Blogger dashboard to keep track of when the blogs I follow have new entries in this way. :(

Teddy said...

LOL that's what I posted on my fb.