Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lost in your eyes

As an Asian male, I went through a healthy phase of heavy anime (Japanese cartoon) consumption, and retain to this day an appreciation for the genre. I was, like many who came before, with, and after me, enamoured by the Japanese style of exaggeration. In fact, many times throughout my teenage life, struggling with teenage woes (like acne), I considered just how wonderful life could be if humans were instead cartoon characters. Perfect skin. Enormous eyes. Clearly, some people had the same idea, but took it much more seriously.

May I present Exhibits A and B. These contact lenses, available in Asia, are designed to exaggerate your pupil and iris (the dark part of your eye) to unachievable proportions. Sometimes, when things come true, they're not at all like you imagined they'd be. Cute or creepy? I'll let you decide.

For this week, I've adding a poll to the sidebar of the blog. Please go ahead and vote!

[Edit: The poll has closed, and a whopping two people voted... Both determined that anime contact lenses are 'mildly disturbing']


Teddy in infinite boredom said...

the power of heavy makeup, photoshop effect, camera angle, lighting... the girl should get botox on the forehead to get permanent stretch of her eye lids meh

sandlot said...

oh circle lenses. they sort of creep me out, seeing as how their pupils sometimes look dilated and it's like they're high or something.

a_ndy said...

I guess we were commenting on each other's blogs at the same time. And that time happened to be ~3:30 AM. That's vaguely odd.

sandlot said...

haha... wow, that is true! i suppose this is what cool people do, comment late into the night. I also suppose we're even cooler than everyone else b/c we seem to synchronize our commenting time.