Saturday, April 18, 2009

Best of Chronicle: Seasons 1&2

200 Posts! Is it that time again already? It's been 100 posts since my effervescently brilliant but dishearteningly unappreciated 100 Post Anniversary montage. Based on how painstaking yet misunderstood that project was, I don't think I'll be doing it again.

I've been pondering how to make my older entries have some lasting impact beyond the five days on which they grace the front page. After all, some of them entailed significant time and consideration. I decided the best way to approach this conundrum was to compile a "Greatest Hits" listing à la Tammy. Since said fellow blogger cleverly followed a Friends-esque naming scheme for her listing (i.e. "The one with..."), and because I am suffering from a vapid lack of creativity, I decided to emulate Friends' lesser known and lesser loved little brother, Joey (of which I have not watched a single episode... not one). They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Let's begin.

Best of Season 1
  1. Andy and the Brent Spiner
  2. Andy and the Prime Minister
  3. Andy and the Missed Train
  4. Andy and the British Wrath
  5. Andy and the Palin Joke
  6. Andy and the Family Docs
  7. Andy and the Infamous FOOSH Poem
  8. Andy and the Japanese General
  9. Andy and the Colour Red
  10. Andy and the Opposition
  11. Andy and the Best of 2008
  12. Andy and the Sassy Girl
  13. Andy and the Band Breakup
Season 1 Special
  1. Andy and the Clip Show
Best of Season 2
  1. Andy and the Medgames
  2. Andy and the French
  3. Andy and the Korean Drama
  4. Andy and the TNA Jacket
  5. Andy and the Queen
  6. Andy and the Rules of the Road
  7. Andy and the Clever Sperm
  8. Andy and the Blog Slave
  9. Andy and the Horror Movie
  10. Andy and the Spaceship
  11. Andy and the Big Apple
  12. Andy and the Flower 4
  13. Andy and the Romantic Movies


ted said...

alot of Andy this and that... eeek... is this a desperate cry for blog audience attention? uh o... we're gonna have andyblog-phobia or excessive andyblog syndrome or andyblog-avoidance conditioned reflex reaction

a_ndy said...

That sounds a little too contemplated to be considered a "reflex" reaction.

As for all the Andy's, I'm only following in Joey's vaunted footsteps. It's a good excuse to get some of that well accepted narcissism out of my system.

Alexis said...

I think your narcissism is rather cute. It's a kind of tongue-in-cheek "I love myself" - it's rather amusing. I'd choose that over self-loathing disguised as humility any day. said...

I wouldn't call this post cute, but only because I'm a guy. It is amusing. But Joey sucked, it was so bad I felt sorry for Matt LeDouche. Happy 200th post, Charlie Brown. My posts are going to be named after Peanuts movies.

"Bits From A Week With Me, Charlie Brown"
"She Gave You The Rebounding Line, Charlie Brown"
"Haven't Had A Date In Three Years, Charlie Brown"

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Hey thanks for not messaging me this whole week. Really appreciate it.

sandlot said...

Congrats on blogging this far and i'm sure your blog will last longer than Joey (the series).

ted said...

it doesn't take much contemplation to recognize your blog lol your trademark melancholic music, the color, etc

sandlot said...

I should be tagged in this.