Monday, April 13, 2009

Blue is for boys, pink is for girls

Awhile back, I had the most unusual conversation with my girlfriend. Somehow we had stumbled onto the topic of gender-specific colours. Now it's common practice for new baby paraphernalia to be coloured blue for boys and pink for girls. I find that generally, as life goes on, blue becomes gender-neutral, and pink remains uniquely feminine.

Purple, once regarded as the colour of royalty, seems to have been misappropriated by the gay community ever since Tinky Winky... probably because of its proximity to pink.

With regards to these two colours, men generally tread a safe distance away, though the fashionably bold will sometimes buck the trend with pink (which, in turn, has become trendy). I myself pondered the logistics of wearing my (very nice) purple dress shirt earlier this year.

Other than these two ambiguous colours, in my opinion, all is fair. In other words, girls can wear any colour they want; boys can wear any colour (e.g. blue, yellow, red...) except pink or purple with unquestioned masculinity.

Evey had a contrary, albeit odd, interpretation. She expressed that warm colours (e.g. yellow, green, and red) are for girls and that cool colours (e.g. blue, purple, and grey) are for boys. As evidence, she offered that her father didn't want to buy a red car because it was a feminine colour. The only problem is... lots of guys like red cars. Ferrari's trademark colour is red. Red is sporty, and because men buy fast, sporty cars and then crash them, insurance rates for red cars are higher than for other colours.

I ran a Google search for "boys like red cars" and found the following Yahoo! Answer response to a lady asking the same question - "Isn't red a feminine colour?" The answer:

Red is hot and fast. Its also the most pulled over color car by the police (which is why I wouldn't buy it)

Okay, conceded Evey, her dad was confused. But cars are the exception to the rule, not the rule itself. The thing is, I see girls wearing blue and black all the time; and I see boys wearing yellow and red fairly often too. I call foul on this cool/warm theory.

Help me prove the point, or prove me wrong. Fill out the following one-question survey and help me settle this thing once and for all.

7 comments: said...

hey it's all about pink and purple.

In physics class grade 12 we had to pick a colour for our project and senthuran asked me what I wanted but there was only girl colours. So I said what I don't like pink or purple. He said to me "Hey it's all about pink and purple".

stick to jdoramas.

sunny dragon with me soon better hurry May is my time of the month.

Alexis said...

By the way, green is a cool colour. I think green is quite neutral, though. I'm not saying you shouldn't wear these colours if you're the wrong sex, but in principle cool colours tend to be more boyish... Purple is a hybrid between blue and red so I wouldn't say it's a cool colour.

As a side note, if you don't really care, please vote in my favour so I can win. :D (C'mon I know you guys want to see Andy lose!)

a_ndy said...

Hey... whose side are you guys on???

kushima said...

the truth may hurt andrew...not sure if you can handle it lol

Anonymous said...

i think pink polo shirts and purple dress shirts look great on guys, frankly speaking

Joyce said...

I wouldn't say red is a feminine colour... In nature, red is often associated with signs of dominance and fitness in males i.e. the more fit they are, the more red pigment they are able to invest energy into. Examples include stickleback fish, a number of birds such as robins... (and here I will stop being a Biology nerd >.>;;; )

And I think they found that sports teams with red uniforms tend to win more because they are subconsciously perceived as being more dominant/aggressive.

Besides, tons of girls wear baby blue (a cool "boy" colour) and a lot of guys look pretty hot in pink. 8D;;;

sandlot said...

Sigh. I really wish society would really move on from "gender-specific" colours and toys.

With that said, I'm going to dress up my baby in a rainbow frock.