Monday, April 20, 2009

Colours of my life

Last week, I ran a survey. It asked, in no uncertain terms, whether gender-specific colours existed. The question was posed like this:

Are there definitive "boy" colours and "girl" colours?
  1. Blue is for boys, pink is for girls
  2. Cool colours (e.g. blue, black, purple) are for boys, warm colours (e.g. yellow, green, orange) are for girls
  3. Pink and purple are for girls, everything else is unisex
  4. Pink only is for girls, everything else is unisex
  5. Gender-specific colours do not exist
  6. Gender-specific colours do exist, but not in the categories above (please specify)
I left this survey open to my readers for a day or so, and then opened it up to my Facebook amigos (having realized that I have few enough readers to count on both hands, and only half of those are participatory enough to answer a survey).

When the results stopped rolling in, the tally came to 19 - not a horrific sample size for our little experiment. A total of four respondents (21.1%) voted that cool colours were for boys (no doubt at Evey's bidding). Another four (21.1%) voted that pink plus-or-minus purple were for girls, and everything else was unisex.

Two respondents (10.5%) said that gender-specific colours exist, but not in any of the stated categories. If I had to guess, I'd attribute this one to Yubin:

only for babies. i think boys wearing pink looks hot!

But perhaps the most surprising was that once I opened up the survey to Facebook, nine respondents (47.7%) voted that gender-specific colours do not exist.

In conclusion, Evey doesn't win and nearly half of you are liars. /wink


Alexis said...

I think you're misrepresenting your results here. According to this survey, less than half of the people (47.7%) said there was no gender specificity in colours. The rest said there was some sort of gender specificity. Some are more specific than others, but I think the survey concludes in favour of gender-specific colours. So I win!

If you want to twist it and say my opinion was cool colours for boys and warm colours for girls (still haven't fixed green being a cool colour by the way), you have to remember that your opinion was actually number 3, pink and purple for girls. So it's a tie.

You can pick whether it's case 1, where I win; or case 2, a tie. There's no case where you win. :D


a_ndy said...

I never said I won. I just said you didn't win.

yubin said...

Wow how did you know that was my comment??
Am I that predictable??
But... it's true! guys wearing pink shirts are hot!
not like pink skirts or pink pants.
you get what i mean.

Michael said...

Yeah, yubin is only into guys wearing blue skirts....


Anonymous said...

andy so conservative haha