Thursday, April 9, 2009

The cost of not saying "No"

On my way into the subway station, a couple of black gentlemen were handing out some small-time, anti-corporate American newspaper. Having one shoved in my face, I politely accepted. As I grabbed the paper, I noticed that the donor was not letting go. I looked up to meet his gaze.

"Oh sir, we just ask that you make a small $2 donation..." Bumped out of my morning robotic rush, I fumbled for a loonie in my pocket - anything to get me back on track. As I inserted the coin into my solicitor's hand, I realized, I really didn't want the newspaper in the first place. How had this series of events unfolded?

"No, that's okay," I waved off the paper now actually being relinquished into my hand.

"No, no, it's for you to read!" insisted the solicitor. I took the paper and browsed the headlines. Obama condemns corporations this. AIG is evil that. Reading this drivel would be equivalent to poking at the Epoch Times, or worse, the National Post. I chucked it in the nearest recycle bin. After all, I only read news by real journalists.

Somehow, my reflexive act of not ignoring one person giving out "free" newspapers left me two minutes, one dollar, and several hundred ATP short. Next time, just say "No thanks."


Alexis said...

I always take "free" garbage, too, and toss it once I'm out of their sight. Saying no is an art that takes many years (or decades) to perfect. =)

sandlot said...

avoid eye-contact and speed walk away. that's what i do.

ted said...

lmao we had a big vivid dicussion on corporation - me, kushima, maximus (ktown to make jrock happy), jrock