Sunday, April 5, 2009

Meet me in Savannah

Being a young man of twenty-two, I don't make it my business to keep up with celebrity gossip or swoon over teeny-bopper pop stars. That's why it wasn't until after singer-actress Mandy Moore was secretly married some guy named Ryan Adams in Savannah, Georgia that I discovered she was engaged.

Again, normally this would be a non-event, except that I consider Mandy Moore to be one of the most attractive and wholesome celebrities in the Western world. Sure, I don't particularly love her music, and her movies are almost all modestly successful chick flicks... but she has the right smile, the right look, and the right attitude.

I put the blame for my little celebrity crush on Mandy Moore squarely on the shoulders of my friend Pomme, who had the gall to have a sister obsessed with Mandy Moore. Since Pomme and I were virtually the best of friends in high school, I felt the ripples of this fandom, and singer-actress Mandy Moore somehow made it onto my adolescent radar.

Several cheesy romance films and one interview with David Letterman later, I was sold.

So I say with all due earnestness that I'm sure, upon the news of this celebrity wedlock, that boyish hearts all over the world are breaking. It's okay, Mandy, you're a bit too tall for it to have worked out between us anyways...


sandlot said...

lol. i guess no tall girls wanted to buy her line of clothes.

I'm not particularly fond of ms. moore. To me, she was like the RC Cola to Britney Spears' Coke and Christina Aguleria's Pepsi.

Although i must say that there are days when i have found myself occasionally listening to "Candy" repeatedly. I also loved the movie "Saved" and i do like how she is tall.

Hmm... okay, so maybe ms. moore isn't that bad after all.

a_ndy said...

Just sort of grows on you, eh?

For the record, I'd liken her more to 7-UP, since her style has since departed significantly from that of her two more notorious contemporaries. That is, clear, understated, and with none of that raunchy caffeine business.