Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No rest for the weary

The ashes of Metabolism and Nutrition are still warm, but Tuesday marked a return to the fray for the start of our next course: Brain and Behaviour. After handing our our intimidating syllabus for the next four weeks, our professor proceeded to cover a week's worth of neuroanatomy in one hour. Yup, this is going to be fun.

I was five minutes late for class because my train ground to a halt for ten to fifteen minutes in the middle of the subway tunnel. "Signalling malfunction" or some such problem. I was actually pretty anxious - it's hard to gauge how a new course is going to begin. Would the lecturer have started on time? Would I interrupt the class? I hate being late. Maybe this hearkens back to that time I was almost kicked out...

I should not have been surprised, however, to find that the class had not started despite my five minute tardiness, and in fact would not start for at least another ten minutes. Class discipline has been steadily decaying ever since our jolly British disciplinarian finished his lecture series in the fall. Students continued to roll in shamelessly for another half-hour.

This day was especially noisy given my colleagues' post-exam euphoria. Because students in general have no appreciation for introductory lectures, there was a constant baseline chatter above the professor's voice. I found it rather irritating, and wished that I could somehow make it stop - which reminded me of the Archivist (above), a fictitious class in Blizzard Entertainment's upcoming role-playing game, Diablo III. Part of a cheeky April Fool's joke, the Archivist detonates his opponents with an intense librarian-like shushing.

I appreciated the sentiment: Shut up or blow up.

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Just tE-d said...

it has been a really intense day right after a huge extensive exam. i guess the lecturer sympathized with us.