Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oh, for the love of PhotoShop

Today, some sample pages of the upcoming Meds yearbook were circulating around as an incentive for people to pre-order today! I'm a good boy because I already did order mine, but I have to tell you, I wasn't impressed.

Let me begin with this disclaimer: I'm sure that everyone on the yearbook committee worked very hard on it, and that they're all very nice people. I respect them for putting in their time of energy into this very noble extracurricular pursuit. So it's not a personal attack when I stop to criticize their pages with my layout snobbery. With that said, here goes:

It's the twenty-first century people - there's a little thing called anti-aliasing. It's not 1992, those jaggies on your fonts are not acceptable! And what is the deal with that blurry grey thing? Do you have any idea what that is??? I'm fairly certain that it's the shadow the post-it is casting on whatever white background you stole that image from.

Which brings me to my next point. If you're going to try spruce up ye olde background with some overlayed graphical tidbits, make sure you cut them out properly. That semi-present leftover black outline is rather sloppy. Plus, if you don't want all the objects on this page to look like stickers, you might consider dropping some shadows of your own - preferably ones that match your wooden background, and not the white one of the source image. /rant

I apologize for my jerkish display of snobbery, but this yearbook could use a little Ruru-rescue.


sandlot said...

geeezzzzz... they're med students not graphic students! give them a break!!!!!

haha but on another note... based on those two scans, your yearbook looks really bad. hahaaha.

Joyce said...

LOL!!!!!! Layout snobbery indeed... (But so very well justified.)

But hey, why aren't YOU on the meds yearbook committee? Show off your mad layout skillz! xD;;;

Michael said...

Wow... are you serious. That's our yearbook?

This is disgusting.