Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beds are for sleeping...

"...and adult games."

Stick to these two functions, our lecturer explained. Using a bed for reading and other activities may generate confusing associations. When you plunk down on that mattress, your body might think you want to read rather than sleep.

Get up and read elsewhere (in the dark, he suggested, though many a ophthalmologist may disagree), but don't go to the computer - the blast of light will be a powerful waking stimulus.

He also informed us that our sleep requirements do not shrink as we age - most adults require 8-9 hours of sleep a day. Most adults get 5-6 (that's me!). The most common cause of tiredness is lack of sleep, and in fact, waking up to an alarm clock is a solid indication of insufficient rest.

But don't fret! Your sleep deprived body will increase the efficiency of your sleep the deeper in sleep debt you are by increasing the proportion of time you spend in the restorative N3 stage of sleep. You'll be back to your baseline clumsiness in no time!

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