Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dreams of Ragnarok

It's when you need to work that you most want to play games. With my final Year 1 neurology exam looming just over the horizon, I am acutely aware that I don't have time to actually play them (except to gather my daily ingredients in Restaurant City)... but I want to.

So in my break time (during which I do not have time to play games), I instead think about playing games. I lurk through forums, I plan, I plot, and I scheme. For this particular exam, I am acutely aware of the amazing experience event that I'm missing in that black hole for time, Ragnarok Online. Thats right - while Evey's off hitting up level 95, I'm stuck reading about Broca's aphasia and hemispatial neglect...

How do I cope? Well, ever since I discovered a little Japanese character simulator, I take quick breaks to fantasize about the high level character that I could one day have. I generate a character class that is thousands-of-grind-levels out of reach and dress him up with some equipment that I'll never be able to afford. Then, I throw the images into PhotoShop and generate some Messenger avatars of characters that I won't be able to achieve for another zillion hours of never.

After I'd created the third of these display pictures, I paused and considered my state of affairs. Here I was, essentially playing dress-up with virtual dolls on my computer for study breaks. Cripes! I thought to myself, I'm a girl! And not just any girl, but a prepubescent elementary school girl playing with Barbie dolls. Oh dear...

My mind, still travelling down this uncomfortable road, paused once more to ponder. You know, I reflected, I'm simulating these characters because I'm dreaming about in-game achievements that are far far beyond my reach. I wonder if little girls playing with dolls are doing the same thing. Do they play with Barbie because she is trendy, tall, and has a curvaceous rear-end that is far far beyond their reach? Food for thought.

In any case, come summer time feel free to join me and my knight, Penrith, on iRO's Loki server as we reach for Barbie-esque perfection. Together, we'll have a real party.

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Joyce said...

Teehee! :D

I used to spend so much time on RO character simulators, oh man!