Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thank you...

I wish you guys could know how awesome you are...


Memorable moments from my 23rd birthday:
  • Having Evey import the Alone in Love soundtrack from Korea for me. I have been working to fully legitimize my music collection, including imports. Alone in Love was a soundtrack I decided I needed to have but couldn't find on any English-language import sites.

  • Not having time to go to Bluenotes while shopping with Evey and then having Kushima, Kon, and Maximus give me a gift card for said store later that evening.

  • Having J-Rock and Mello come in with a Winnie the Pooh birthday balloon. They made me wear it around my wrist all throughout dinner and out into the parking lot.

  • Evey ordered a volcano cake for me at Rainforest Cafe, Kushima praised their pasta as the best he'd ever eaten, and children were jealously eyeing my balloon.

  • Our waitress somehow ignored Zo when taking orders. I leaned over and asked Zo whether we should wait for her before eating, whilst already chewing a French fry in my mouth.

  • It was pouring rain when Evey and I went to fetch the car. When we arrived at where we thought the car should be, there was an empty parking spot. We ran around in the rain for five minutes freaking out that my car had been jacked before realizing we were looking in the wrong row. After we got inside the car, it stopped raining.

  • On the way back to my house, there was a beautiful rainbow. Evey tried to take photos of it, but we were all green all the way, so the car never stopped moving. Once the rainbow disappeared, we started hitting red lights.

  • Pomme bequeathed me a book of Insults & Comebacks: Pithy Proclamations For All Occasions. "Ever wonder what life would have been like if you'd had enough oxygen at birth?"

  • Stewie arrived late after a "road trip" with his parents (who had flown in from Vancouver)... around Toronto.

  • Someone wrote "Mello" as an item to be acted out during charades. The clues came down to "long hair" and "likes to fart."

  • Kon convinced me that "rising sun" was a slang term for "morning erection." My impeccable acting allowed people to guess both "rising sun" and the meaning, but it was news to us. I think he might have made the whole thing up.

  • Yuffie trying to act out "lion tamer." /rofl


Anonymous said...

i really hated this post it made me so jealous arrrrrgggghhhh why did i have to be sick why why

Anonymous said...

i made use of the comeback ("how about we switch up and you be very nice and i'll be an asshole for once") from your "Insults & Comebacks" book 2 times on the same day! lol

when i'm back, i shall challenge JRock's SingStar throne with one of MY songs.... he can warm the seat for me for now...

Mello said...

Someone wrote "Mello" as an item to be acted out during charades. The clues came down to "long hair" and "likes to fart".


Joyce said...

Happy belated birthday!!! (I was in the boonies with no internet access xD)

To make it up to you, here's my photo of the rainbow for you :)

a_ndy said...

Aww, you got one! Great photo :)

Thanks for the birthday wishes!