Monday, May 4, 2009

A whiff of election

Who'd have expected that I would have the chance to dust off the old "election" label again so soon? But with Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff signalling that Liberals may be readying themselves for a June election, the air is once again becoming thick with the smell of politics.

Still, if these threats prove to be more than mere posturing, Ignatieff will need to cough up some serious substance, having done little so far define his leadership. Spending millions of dollars on back-to-back elections in the midst of an economic recession will require due justification, and it needs to be better than, "My name is not Stephane-freaking-Dion."

I myself am rather unenamored of Ignatieff's slimy aura and inability thus far to challenge Conservative policy with any meaningful alternatives. In the next election, I will be seriously considering swaying my vote towards the NDP or Green. Though without proportional representation, such an action is tantamount to throwing my vote away in a historically-Liberal-but-newly-minted-Conservative riding.

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sandlot said...

ughhh but he is soooo dreamy. He also got his eyebrows waxed if you haven't noticed already. Improving his public image for the betterment of Canadians everywhere.