Monday, May 11, 2009

Would you like cake with that?

Last week, we sleep starved medical students took a brief post-midterm reprieve to cut our overgrown hair, bathe, and take a new breath of fresh air (that pre-midterm gasp I took was getting stale). Then we reconvened at Spring Rolls to celebrate my friend (whose-blog-pseudonym-is) Mello's birth, all those years ago. In celebration of this momentous occasion, I gifted Death Note manga Volume 7, which is the first appearance of the character Mello.

[Mello reads her birthday card and prepares to unwrap her gift]

Yuffie: What book is it?

Mello: I think it's a comic because it's supposed to have Mello in it.

Kaiba: Oh, Death Note! ...but Mello sucks!

Mello: Oh no... /gasp

Kaiba: What? It's true.

Mello: But I'm Mello!

Wrex: Somebody doesn't read your blog. /smirk

The conversation on our side of the table fell into a fury of joke-telling and brain teasers. Kushima posed the following conundrum:

The king summons you and places two drinks before you. One is poisoned and the other is not. In front of each drink stands a man - one who always tells the truth, and one who always tells a lie. Each man knows the content of their own drink (and thus, by extension, of the other drink as well). You can only ask one question to one man. What question can you ask to determine which beverage to drink?

As we pondered this problem, Ting arrived, late for the party. The question was repeated for her benefit.

Ting: I think I've heard this one before.

Kaiba: [excited] Oh did you hear it from Yu-Gi-Oh as well?!

After teasing Kaiba a bit, conversation somehow turned to a discussion of Sailor Moon. It eventually became clear (embarrassing as it is) that we had all watched it at some point in our childhood years. I'd like to debunk urban legend and clarify that Sailor Moon was not based on Japanese porn - although it did contain such controversial plot elements as gay villains, lesbian heroes, and transsexuals.

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Michael said...

I knew the answer because I knew a similar form of the question from before (two roads, one leads to where you want to go) but I think there are better questions to ask... like...

This statement is false, correct?Since they either have to always tell the truth or always lie, their heads will asplode and really, that's how I try to play any RPG... try to kill the NPCs! :D